Nurses looking at a patient in their homeNurse standing by a car with her notes ready to visit a patient

Care at Home

Linda Rose 250It's important to so many people we help that they spend as much time at home with their loved ones as they can. Whether this is something that's immediately possible or a goal which can be achieved through a range of therapies, we're dedicated to respecting your wishes. 
85% of our services are provided in the community as part of our mission to provide the best possible care in your choice of setting. This cuts the chances of a hospital visit or relocation to the hospice itself, if that's what you prefer.

The range of services we offer in the community covers all the clinical, emotional and spiritual needs of those dealing with life-limiting illness.

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Specialist Community and Crisis Support 
SCCS team 300 x 195Our team of Clinical Nurse Specialists are responsible for providing world-class palliative care for those dealing with a life-limiting illness. They are an integral and highly-valued part of the team at Saint Francis Hospice and experts in symptom control.

Working closely with other healthcare professionals, our team provides:

  • Comprehensive telephone assessments and follow up.
  • Consultancy visits to get to know patients and assess their situations at home. 
  • Outpatient appointments at the hospice.
  • Ongoing specialist home visits where appropriate.
  • Specialist support through periods of crisis.

In a crisis?

You can call our Specialist Advice Line, 24/7, 365 days a year on 01708 758643 to speak to a Clinical Nurse Specialist. 
How to be referred:

All referrals to the Specialist Community and Crisis Support team must come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, District Nurse, or hospital consultant. Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.
We cannot accept telephone referrals or by a professional letter. 
Hospice at Home
Hospice at home 300 x 198Many people choose to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home and this is something we will accommodate, where possible. 

For some, their ability to cope with a sudden deterioration or crisis can be a worry for them or their carers. Our Hospice at Home service helps remove this fear, with support from senior staff nurses and health care assistants.

By assessing your individual needs and conducting ongoing daily reviews, we make sure you're given the same standard of bespoke palliative care you'd receive in our hospice. Care is provided in blocks of between two to four hours, which can run consecutively where patients need almost 24-hour care.

Working alongside your current health and social care professionals, we offer our full range of services to ensure that your medical, emotional and spiritual needs are met - such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counselling and chaplaincy. 

How to be referred:

All referrals to Hospice at Home must come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, District Nurse, or hospital consultant. Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.

Family Support Service
Family Support Picture 300 x 200A large part of the work we do in the community involves helping loved ones deal with the impact of illness. Family members, including children, can benefit from the emotional support and guidance provided by our team from the moment of their referral to us.

We offer support both before and after bereavement for those with a loved one in the care of the hospice. We help those affected understand and process their emotions, however they choose to show themselves, whether sadness, anger or even guilt.

As well as offering emotional and practical support, we can also act as an advocate for you in dealing with external agencies. By liaising with housing, welfare or benefits agencies we ensure that logistical and financial concerns are put in order efficiently and fairly. 

Our dedicated Family Support pages contain more information on how we can help you, your family, your children and your carers. 
Physio 300 x 199Our trained physiotherapists are a part of our multidisciplinary team working in the community. They help you achieve optimum comfort and independence in your every day life. 

Working with families and carers, our physios offer advice, guidance and a professional perspective on how to best adjust to the situation. They most often deal with problems like:

  • Mobility Problems
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Breathing difficulty 
  • Pain
  • Swollen limbs
  • Relaxation. 

How to be referred:

All referrals for physiotherapy must come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, District Nurse, or hospital consultant. It may also be that you receive physiotherapy when under the care of another service at Saint Francis Hospice.
Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.
Occupational Therapy

OT team 300 x 200Our occupational therapists help turn patients back into people. An initial consultation helps address immediate concerns, followed up with an in-depth look at your circumstances to help you get the most out of everyday life, live comfortably at home and enjoy the things you used to do.

Physical help is often the first requirement and with adaptations or specialist equipment, we will help you with your independence and improve the quality of your life.

Alongside practical help our creative therapists offer activities to inspire and challenge you, in our Day Therapy Unit. These offer a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you create a lasting token of affection for your relatives and loved ones. 

Most of the work done by our OTs is carried out in the community. We also support those in our IPU who are returning home enjoy everything they used to do using our extensive on-site store of mobility aids and adaptations.

How to be referred:

Referrals are made through our hospice teams or your own hospital doctor or GP. Please visit our referrals page for more information.

Complementary Therapy
Complementary Therapy 300 x 199We provide a range of complementary therapies in the community. Alongside your current medication or treatments these therapies can help put you in a more peaceful frame of mind when dealing with day-to-day life. 

We're able to provide aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and Reiki courses provided in four initial treatments. After these we will review your progress, discuss how you're feeling about the treatments and whether or not you feel you'd benefit from continuing. 

For carers, we also offer a relaxing Indian head massage as part of our commitment to providing a safe, non-clinical area for people to escape the demands of illness. 

How to be referred:

Referrals to the complementary therapy team can come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, or you can contact us directly. 
Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.
Pastoral Care
chaplaincy 300 x 200Our pastoral care team is on-hand to meet your religious and spiritual requirements as well as attend a full complement of pastoral duties. We're committed to a patient-led approach, listening to your needs and doing our best to guide you towards finding your own answers and meaning. 

Our pastoral care team are used to working with leaders of all faiths in the communities we work with to ensure you're cared for in mind, body and spirit while under the care of Saint Francis Hospice.