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Liver Disease: Managing Advanced Illness and End of Life Well

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Liver disease is on the rise and poses real challenges both for those with the condition and those who care and support them. Causes are multiple, ranging from complex autoimmune disease, viral hepatitis, genetic conditions, cancer and damage secondary to alcohol use. It can affect anyone, but is particularly dominant in some of our most vulnerable communities: the homeless, people who have been dependent on alcohol, exposed to hepatitis through drug use or who have sustained liver damage through overdose of toxic drugs. For this reason the condition can give rise to stigma and is hugely challenging to those who live with it.

National data highlights that this patient group often dies without input from home support and palliative care services.

This day will be relevant to GPs, hospital doctors, community or ward nursing team and allied health professionals across all settings, also care staff working with and supporting people with liver disease.

What will I study?
• Liver disease, liver cancer, liver failure: an overview
• The transplant waiting list: experience and outcomes from a transplant centre
• Palliative challenges for people with advanced disease
• Palliative services getting involved: when is the right time? What are the obstacles?
• What does palliative care access mean?
• What is the role of the GP in supporting someone with liver disease

Liv dis prog 4

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