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Saint Francis Hospice takes centre stage at National conference

This year's Hospice UK Conference provided the Saint Francis Hospice delegates with a number of proud moments.
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Our Quality & Audit team submitted an abstract earlier this year to present at the Hospice UK annual conference and Michaela Sen, Quality & Audit Facilitator at the hospice was delighted to receive the call in August telling her that we had been selected to deliver an oral presentation.  I

It was planned for the first panel session on the first day of the conference, which took place in Liverpool from the 22nd to the 24th of November.

"This is the first time that Saint Francis Hospice was selected to participate in a panel presentation so while I was apprehensive as this is a new thing for me, I felt privileged to have the opportunity.

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Our presentation was about the hospice implementing a collated suite of fit for purpose measures called The Outcome Assessment & Complexity Collaborative (OACC).

The measures capture data on patient symptoms, psychosocial/spiritual distress, functional independence/quality of life and family/carer distress."

Tes Smith, Director of Quality & Care with the hospice said "I was so delighted and proud to be able to watch Michaela presenting our work around the OACC.  The audience engagement and questions that followed the presentation gave such a boost to us knowing our work is important and useful to others too. We now can build on this!"


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The pressure of presenting was increased when Michaela found out that Dr Fliss Murtagh, the original lead in the development of the OACC system with Kings College London would be attending the session. 

It was the icing on the cake for the hospice delegation, "Dr Fliss got involved in the Q&A, asking us how we are using the data and congratulated us as a service."


Tes summed up the feelings of the hospice delegations by saying "as usual the Hospice UK conference was a fantastic learning and sharing ground for ideas, seeing the amazing work being carried out by so many.


At this time when many of us feel we are struggling for our place within the care health and social care economy I feel revitalised as to the contribution Hospice care can and does make.

Collaboration, partnership and sharing key themes for us all."