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Schoolgirl's hair-raising tribute to nan

For most young girls their hair is their crown and glory and up until now six-year-old Alyssa Merritt has been growing her mane to be more like the Disney Princess Rapunzel.  
Tammy Morgan with Alyssa and her partner Alan Merritt -

  But the caring schoolgirl, who attends Harold Wood Primary School, has decided to cut nine inches off her hair to raise money for Saint Francis Hospice because it cared for her nan Tracey Briggs before she died.    

The hair will then be donated to the Little Princess Trust so it can be made into a wig for a child who has lost their hair through illness.     

"My nan died five years ago and she was at Saint Francis Hospice," said Alyssa.     

"I feel nervous and excited about it and I don't know if my friends and class will recognise me with short hair."    

Her proud mum Tammy Morgan said her mum was just 49 when she died of lung cancer and she described the hospice as an "amazing place."

"Alyssa came up with the idea herself after reading a story about a girl who cut her hair off for charity," said Tammy, who lives in Romford.    

"She is a very head strong six-year-old and when she makes up her mind to do something she does it.    

"The care my mum received at the hospice was absolutely brilliant.    

"It was also very good to our family and my sisters and I were able to stay with my mum for the last three nights."    

Since then the Royal Mail worker and her family have done everything they can to support the charity.     

Tammy and her partner Alan Merritt currently play the hospice lottery and Tammy has also taken part in the annual 10k Star Walk in Romford three times.   

The hair cut is expected to take place in May and will be carried out by a hairdresser, who was also one of Tracey's friends.    

To sponsor Alyssa, visit justgiving.com/tammy-Morgan3 

Alyssa's nan Tracey Briggs

Alyssa with her mum Tammy and dad Alan

Alyssa's nan Tracey Briggs

Alyssa's nan Tracey Briggs