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Super Star Walker back for 5th year!

Sue Corney, 49, from Dagenham will be taking part in Saint Francis Hospice's 10k Star Walk around Romford the town centre on July 8th for the fifth time and she is just as excited as ever. 
Sue Corney in her pjs 1 - resized (cropped)

"The atmosphere is just brilliant," said Sue, who is a midday assistant at Ripple Primary School in Barking.  

"It is not just the walk, it is also the entertainment that takes place leading up to the start.  

"I love the pyjama theme as I can just go home and head straight to bed.   George Corney - Resized

"There is even a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you at the end of the walk." 

Sue has been supporting the charity since her husband George died of lung cancer in 2010 - even though he never spent a day at the hospice in Havering-atte-Bower. 

"George died six and a half weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer," said Sue, who was also George's carer after he suffered two heart attacks in 2005. 

"He was due to come to the hospice to access its day services but he got a chest infection and spent the last three weeks of his life at Queen's Hospital." 

But a year later Sue got in touch with the hospice's Family Support Team as she was struggling to cope with her grief and says she benefited from a series of counselling sessions.                                                                                                        Sue Corney 

"I had managed by myself for the first year but I was in a mess," said Sue.   

"I contacted the hospice and as I did not drive a counsellor came to see me.  George Corney - Resized

"It really helped being able to talk to someone who did not know me.  

"My husband and I both come from large families but it was so difficult to talk to them as we would all get upset.  

"Since then I've wanted to support the hospice as I know it is not fully funded by the government and I've seen the care it gives to people."  

Last year Sue, who also works part-time at Barking United Services Club, was joined on the walk by her cousin and her cousin's two young children and she is currently recruiting her friends and colleagues for the latest Star Walk. 

                  George Corney

Click here to sign up to the Star Walk today or call the hospice's Events Team on 01708 771 427.  

George Corney - Resized

Sue gets ready to walk

George Corney - Resized

Sue with a previous Star Walk t-shirt