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Patient being served a meal pre-lockdown

£16.40 could pay for a Christmas meal for 4 patients.

CNS Janna Hughes with Frederick Monk 2

£25 could help provide hospice care at home for someone who can’t cope alone.


£58 could pay for an hour of care from a Hospice at Home nurse.

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For some of our patients and their loved ones, this will be the last Christmas they will have together. Our Hospice at Home nurses do everything they can to make precious moments possible. They give the same standard of care we provide at our hospice, in people's homes, whether providing a few hours of relief for carers or more support when the moment comes.

Your donation today could help more people like Nuala and John through the hardest of times this Christmas.

"The Hospice at Home nurses were my angels."

When Nuala’s dad, John, was at the end of his life, our Hospice at Home nurses helped the family make the most of the time they had left together.

“We kept Dad at home. But there were times when we did not know what to do. That's where the wonderful nurses came in. They are my angels. They made a sad time a much better experience for us.

“It was clear from the way the nurses cared for Dad and our family that they loved what they do. You could feel it.”

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How I help families stay together at home for Christmas

Julie has 20 years experience helping people like John spend their last Christmas at home with their loved ones.

Richard chatting with Nuala Demitriou and nurse Julie White
Wendy Lord and her friend Jacquie Charles who dressed as an elf copy

How we use your donations

As a charity, we receive only 28% funding from the government. With your help we care for over 2,000 people every year both at home and at the hospice.

Your generosity will keep local families like John's together at home this Christmas

Jo Noguera with a patient and fellow nurse by the Christmas tree (cropped)

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Christmas is a time of giving. There are so many ways you can help more people for years to come.