At home or at the hospice, our dedicated team 
is looking out for you.


home visits were carried out by the  Hospice at Home team in 2016/17.


The cost of an hour's care provided  by our Hospice at Home team.
There are many ways you can get involved.
The Start (cropped)
Help the hospice through our programme of great events! 
Pic A DST workers and hospice team waving their arms (cropped)
Want to organise your own event? Our community team are here to support you every step of the way... 
Unwanted gifts? Unloved clothing? Donate to one of our shops and support your local hospice.
We're supported by a team of 650 volunteers working across the hospice in a variety of roles. 
zip line leap

Mission Mud - #GetMuddy#GoOrange at our newest event.

See our roses on Gardeners' World? Find out more about how you can help with our search for the missing Pembertons. 
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Every week we give £1,000 to one lucky winner, along with 10 prizes of £ up to £25,000 when money rolls over!
Star Walk - 10th Birthday Celebrations
Grab your trainers and tiaras and join us as we paint the town orange for Star Walk’s 10th Birthday!

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