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Who we are

We are a charity that cares for people in our community with palliative and end of life care needs.

Compassionate care

Saint Francis Hospice specialises in providing care for any person, from any faith or cultural background, who have been diagnosed with a serious illness who are living in Havering, Brentwood, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge or West Essex. Saint Francis Hospice offers experienced, compassionate advice and support.

The hospice works alongside GPs, community nurses and hospital specialists to help manage pain and other difficult symptoms, with an aim for comfort, as much independence as possible, and the best possible quality of life.

The hospice team also provides care for people at the end of life, at home and at the hospice. We assess and address spiritual needs, linking in with local religious leaders and we do our best to accommodate any specific dietary requirement, custom or ritual that needs to be upheld.

Often family and friends provide the bulk of care, this can be emotionally and physically hard. If you are caring for someone who is nearing the end of life we are here to stand by your side, supporting you with experience and care.

Individuals in our care, and the people who love them are embraced by a team of experienced professionals who are devoted to making everyone's life the very best it can be. Our aim is that no one is afraid or in pain, and no one dies or grieves alone. 

Care funded by kindness

Because Saint Francis Hospice is an independent charity, there is no cost if you need our services, nor to the people who care for you and about you.  Kind and generous gifts from local people, companies and schools help make sure that everyone who is under the care of Saint Francis Hospice has round-the-clock support.  Experienced consultants, doctors, nurses and other health and social care professionals, are on hand to care for you whether you choose to be at home, in the hospice itself, in hospital or in a care home.

To provide this dedicated and expert care, the hospice needs to raise over £8 million each year because only 28% of our costs are paid by the government.  Individuals in need of our services and the people who love them, also depend hugely on 870 skilled and committed volunteers. These wonderful people help keep costs down and bring huge joy and support to those who need our care, their loved ones, families, staff and volunteers.

"The love and care are a security blanket around me, ready to catch me if I fall."

-Mary, who we cared for

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Our mission


Meet the team

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Our history


Our services

Your well-being and what you want from life are what matters to us most.  Whether you need to spend your time in the hospice, or at home or a mixture of both, you are at the centre of your care.

Take a look around

We have created a virtual tour of our Hospice so that you can take a look around and get an idea of what to expect.

Pemberton Roses

The Pemberton Rose Collection at Saint Francis Hospice is the largest collection of Pemberton roses in the world.

Click the link below for a virtual tour of our rose gardens and to find out more.

P roses