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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Saint Francis Hospice is committed to protecting your privacy, upholding your right to confidentiality and keeping any personal information that you share with us safe and secure.


This Privacy Policy will outline how we will protect your right to Privacy and Confidentiality, how we keep your personal information safe and secure and includes information relating to your enforceable rights.


We are under a lawful obligation to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2016 and the NHS/Caldicott Guardian requirements for confidentiality and information security standards.


Our Caldicott Guardian is our Director of Quality and Care, Tes Smith. Our Senior Information Reporting Officer (SIRO) is our Director of Corporate Services, Lynn Bryan. Lynn is also our lead for Information Governance.


It is important to note that Saint Francis Hospice never has and never will sell, swap or share your personal information with any organisation or third party for their own marketing purposes.


We work with other agencies to help achieve our charitable objectives and for the effective provision of health and social care services. You are entitled to know who we work with and why and it is the aim of this policy to offer transparency as to our use of your information. At all times your information will be protected and used by Saint Francis Hospice only for our own purposes. This policy will refer to those purposes and the strict safeguards and controls that we impose to protect your confidentiality and right to privacy.


2. Who we are    

Saint Francis Hospice is an Essex based registered charity (Registered Charity Number 275913) committed to providing outstanding, person-centred care to those affected by any life-limited illness. We are part-funded by the NHS through contracts with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Lead Care Providers and rely heavily the ability to fundraise to find the £7.8m needed each year to keep our services free of charge.


Saint Francis Hospice is located at The Hall, Broxhill Road, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford RM4 1QH and can be contacted on 01708 753319. The hospice also has a range of charity shops across the catchment area and managed by Retail Headquarters at Ashton Gate. The list of our shops and their contact details available on our website here.


The Data Protection Act 2018 requires every organisation that processes personal information to be registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Our registration number is Z7709195 and you can find us on the Information Commissioner's register by clicking here and searching for us by using our registration number.


The ICO's Register is available to the public and one that can be relied upon as part of an organisation's duty to inform individuals about the purpose(s) that they intend to use your information for.


3. Service Users - What information do we collect about you?

Service Users 

Individuals who are under the care of Saint Francis Hospice and in receipt of one or more of our services are Service Users. The term includes those referred to us but currently not in receipt of care, those who have been in receipt of one or more of our services and their details retained for the time-being and individuals enquiring into any of our services.


Types of information

The types of information that we might collect or hold on you includes name(s), addresses, date of birth, contact details including email and telephone, your next of kin and family information, your doctor's contact details. We will also collect information of a sensitive nature relating to your medical history, current medical requirements and information of a sensitive nature including race, religion and ethnicity.


Service users may also be a supporter. For details about supporters and the information we collect please see section 4.


Sources of your information

Your information may be sourced directly from you, a loved one, family member or other legal guardian. Information about you concerning your health or that is required to provide you with health and social care services may also be sourced directly or indirectly from your doctor, health professional or from the NHS.


Consequences of not being able to process your information

Saint Francis Hospice will rely on several lawful grounds for processing your information contained within the Data Protection Act 2018 and will seek your consent where required by law to do so. If we do not have the ability to process your information this may seriously impact the provision of health and social care services and how we address your care needs.


Purposes of processing

Information is collected and processed for the purpose and intention of providing one or more of our clinical services, the effective provision of personalised care and to comply with clinical reporting requirements. Processing will also take place pursuant to your rights and our responsibilities within the Data Protection Act 2018. Information will also be processed, where required, to comply with other legal obligations.


We may collect personal-sensitive information relating to race, faith, sex, religion, family life, health and care received for statistical and reporting purposes. Your information will be anonymised and it will not be possible to identify you. This information may be shared with NHS and other care agencies as well as with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Lead Care Providers who we contract with for funding purposes.


Legitimate Interests

Saint Francis Hospice has a legitimate interest in understanding whether those under our care and their family or registered next of kin have an interest in supporting our charitable work. The organisation complies with the Fundraising Regulator's requirements and will provide a simple and easy way to stop communications that are no longer required.


Any use of legitimate interest will only relate to postal communications and telephone only.


Information Sharing

Information about Service Users is kept securely on our Patient Management Tool called iCare. It is recognised that there will be cross over between our Supporter database (thankQ) and iCare with potential for a Service User to also be a supporter in their own right.


An internal data sharing agreement is in place to protect your rights to privacy and confidentiality. Only necessary information will be shared with the fundraising and marketing database and will not include any information defined as sensitive within the Data Protection Act 2018. 


Saint Francis Hospice may share your information, quite legitimately, with other NHS Healthcare Service providers and Health Care Agencies for the holistic provision of care or for statistical reporting requirements. Your information will only be shared under strict guidelines to protect your privacy and right to confidentiality and to restrict the purpose(s) that your information is used for. Any sharing of information is in compliance with data protection and privacy laws and where it is possible to minimise the amount of information shared or anonymise records so as not to identify an individual, these precautions will be applied to protect your personal information.


Retention of Information

Information on service users will be retained for a minimum of 10 years starting from the date that the provision of care has ended and in compliance with other regulatory requirements.


Information will not be kept outside of this period unless there is another lawful reason for doing so.


4. Supporters - What information do we collect about you?


Information about supporters is held securely on our central communication database called thankQ. ThankQ is a Customer Relationship Tool (CRM) that enables communications to be managed accordingly and compliantly and holds other relevant information about you that relates to donation amounts, events participation and other details about your interaction with the hospice.


A supporter is defined as any individual (including but not limited to organisations, sole traders, limited companies, schools and colleges, teams, groups, social and fitness clubs) who have made or offered to make a financial or non-financial donation of any sort to Saint Francis Hospice. They may also be individuals who have expressed an interest in supporting our work, have requested information from our fundraising team, completed an event, sponsorship, lottery, raffle ticket, event application form or were added to our supporter database under our legitimate interest to communicate with family and next of kin members who have experienced our care.


Types of information

The types of information that we may collect or hold on you for fundraising and marketing purposes include name, address, contact details including email and telephone, family links and relationship nature, donation amounts, regular gifts by direct debit or standing order, event participation, own place events, community and corporate support, lottery membership, employment or other community and hospice links, communication preferences and a range of profiles created to understand supporters better or assist with analysis and understanding. We also hold a log of the communications that we have had or sent to you, your communication preferences.


On occasions we may work with marketing agencies to help refine the communications we have with our supporters or to provide helpful insight and understanding to refine or change our fundraising practices.


This may be done by enhancing the information that we hold about you or about where you live. For example, adding information or flags from census data such as council tax bands, age or household income through to wealth screening.


Profiling information in this way keeps our information up-to-date and means that we are more efficient with our fundraising efforts through cost effective, relevant, appropriate and timely communications.


You are entitled to ask for your information not to be processed in this way by calling our Supporter Relations Team on 01708 723593 and we will comply with any request received. 


Sources of Information 

Your information may be sourced directly from you or your representative when you come into to contact with the Organisation.  This information will be captured from enquiries, requests for details, fundraising events and participation, lottery membership, regular giving, online donation platforms, general donations, financial and non-financial support, donations made in memory.


Information relating to next of kin and other relatives that is already in the possession of Saint Francis Hospice due to health or care service provision will be used to communicate with individuals under our legitimate interest. Please refer to Legitimate Interest in section 3 above.


We may occasionally source additional information from database marketing companies that hold information on you which may indicate levels of potential wealth and propensity to support at a higher level. This information may be accurate information (information known about you) or modeled information ('similar' demographics) or aggregated from publically sourced information. Other information sourced may relate to marketing flags added to help identify different groups within our database. These flags are used to make our communications more cost effective, specific and relevant to you.


We may also work with database marketing agencies to screen records against national deceased and gone-away registers to help keep our records accurate and up-to-date.


Any information sourced from database marketing companies will only take place following strict due diligence procedures to ensure the information that we receive is compliant with data protection laws.


There may be occasions where names and contact details are sourced on individuals from reputable database marketing companies for the purpose of increasing the numbers of supporters and awareness of our charitable status. Personal data will only be purchased after due diligence checks take place to ensure the information complies with all relevant legislation and guidelines.


Strict contractual obligations govern the use of this information including how long the information is retained and how it is to be destroyed. The individuals sourced this way will only be added to our supporter database if they respond to the communications they receive and indicate that they wish to hear from Saint Francis Hospice in the future. At all times any information sourced in this way will receive full protection under the Data Protection Act.


If you prefer that your information is not used in this way, please do let us know by calling 01708 723593 and we will exclude your details from this process.


Consequences of not being able to process your information 

As a registered charity Saint Francis Hospice depends heavily on donations to support and fund its health and social care services. We are only part funded by the NHS and must raise £7.8m every year to keep our services free of charge. The ability to fundraise, levels of care available and the future success of the hospice is dependent upon the ability to communicate for fundraising purposes.  


If the Fundraising and Marketing department were not able to process your information for this purpose it would have a detrimental effect on our ability to raise funds in cost effective ways. It will also mean that we cannot send you the information you want to receive or tell you about how your support is helping others under our care.


Purpose of processing   

The information that we hold, collect or source on supporters is processed only for the purposes of furthering our charitable cause, to raise income the income needed to fund the running of the hospice and to protect the longer term future of our clinical services. This is achieved by keeping supporters up to date with news and developments at the hospice, to demonstrate the impact that donations have on the lives of those under the care of Saint Francis Hospice, to highlight the many other ways in which you can choose to support our work, to raise awareness of exciting new events and for the purposes of raising funds through direct cash appeals and other ways to generate income and engagement.


This includes processing information for the purpose of fundraising and marketing communications where consent has been provided or where Saint Francis Hospice is exercising their legitimate interest to contact you.


We are also required by law to process supporters' information to effectively manage and account for donations, pledges, memberships, event participation, engagement and interactions and to maintain accuracy of records. All processing is pursuant to your rights and our responsibilities within the Data Protection Act 2018.


Information will also be processed, where required, to comply with any legal obligation such as by Court Order.


Legitimate Interest 

Saint Francis Hospice rely on our Legitimate Interest to contact you with matters of a non-marketing nature for example managing gift aid, management of regular giving payments or lottery membership, thanking for support, to maintain accuracy and keep the information and up-to-date, to answer your questions, queries or requests, for financial analysis and trend performance, profiling and segmentation purposes to satisfy our business and strategic objectives.


We will also seek to rely on our legitimate interest to send postal communications of a marketing and fundraising nature that may include requests for financial support or to join our lottery membership, to support an appeal, attend an event or purchase raffle tickets.


Our legitimate interest is defined as:


Saint Francis Hospice is a local registered charity that provides vital health and social care needs to local people diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.  The hospice believes it is in the best interests of the hospice and local people to raise awareness of its charitable nature, to be open and transparent about how the hospice is funded and to highlight that the services provided by the hospice requires local support to provide these services for local people at the end of life.

We believe that this is a legitimate interest and justified lawful basis for communicating with you.


Please be assured that we take your right to privacy and confidentiality seriously. Any information that you provide will only be held by and only used for the legitimate interests of Saint Francis Hospice as a charitable organisation and provider of end of life care services. Your information is not sold, swapped, shared or leased with any other organisation.


Saint Francis Hospice may contact you, by post and telephone, from time to time with information that you may find of interest. This includes writing to you and telephoning you with fundraising communications and requests for support. We will respect your right to stop these communications at any time, should you prefer not to receive them. This can be done simply and easily by calling 01708 723593 or emailing srt@sfh.org.uk 


We recommend that you review our Privacy Policy that is available on our website (and on request) for further details as to how we may use your information, how you can restrict what we do with it and for details as to what your legal rights are. You have a right to contact us at Saint Francis Hospice, The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford RM4 1QH with any concerns that you have in relation to how we use and protect your information. 01708 753319 www.sfh.org.uk. Registered Charity No. 275913.


Information Sharing 

Information about our supporters will be shared with agencies that we rely on to carry out our fundraising activities. For example name and address details of individuals that we wish to mail information to must be sent to our print and mailing house to fulfill this purpose.


Other agencies that we work with support us through email delivery platforms, data analysis and insight, direct marketing, external lottery management, a range of online fundraising and sponsorship platforms.


Any information shared to support and further the work of fundraising is carried out under contract with Saint Francis Hospice remaining in control of your information at all times.  


For clarity purposes, information is never shared with any other organisation for their own purposes.


Retention of Information 

Information relating to supporters will be retained for a minimum of 10 years starting from the date that you request no further contract from the organisation or inform us that you are no longer able to support our work.


If we receive no request as to the above your information will be kept for a minimum of 10 years from:

  • The data of a mailing return indicating you're no longer at the address we hold or
  • From the point that your record becomes inactive (defined as 4 years+ from point of last donation)


Information will not be kept outside of this period unless there is another lawful reason for doing so.


Direct Marketing and Fundraising Communications

Saint Francis Hospice will communicate with supporters under our legitimate interest (see above) for postal and telephone communications only.


The law requires Saint Francis Hospice to obtain your consent to communicate with you by email and text message (SMS) for fundraising and marketing purposes. Consent to communicate with you by email and text message (SMS) will be obtained at the appropriate times. Emails and text messages are cost efficient and quicker ways for the organisation to communicate with you.


It is very important however that we continue to raise awareness of our charitable status and high-dependency on voluntary donations to keep our vital local services free of charge for all individuals we care for.  Without the generosity of our supporters or the ability to ask for individuals to support Saint Francis Hospice, we could not be able continue providing care free of charge.


How to update, amend or stop marketing communications

You will only be contacted for fundraising and marketing purposes from us for as long as you are happy to receive them. You have the right at any time to request a change in the marketing communications that you receive or to stop them altogether if they're no longer required.


This can be done by emailing srt@sfh.org.uk or by calling our Supporter Relations Team on 01708 723593.


Please note that any request to stop marketing communications may take a little time to take effect. We will strive to make this as soon as is possible but once a letter has left the mailing house there is little we can do to stop its delivery.  


Any request to stop marketing communications will not stop communications that relate to service delivery, customer service, membership or gift aid management unless you expressly and clearly indicate this. 


5. Employees & Volunteers - What information do we collect about you? 

Employees are individuals who are or were employed by Saint Francis Hospice. This definition includes contractors, agency staff, freelance and bank staff. It will also include individuals who have expressed an interest in working for Saint Francis Hospice but were unsuccessful or chose not to pursue their application.


Volunteers are individuals who have or do volunteer their time to support Saint Francis Hospice daily or routine business tasks.


Employees and volunteers may also be a supporter of the organisation as well. In such a case there will be a cross over in the information that we may hold. Please see Section 4 for information that we collect and hold about our supporters.


Types of Information

The information that we collect is made clear on the application form and will include sensitive details around race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Information of a sensitive nature may also be disclosed to Saint Francis Hospice following a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check or Occupational Health Screening.


Sources of Information

Information is predominately sourced directly from employees/volunteers and prospective candidates from their application form.


Information on employees and volunteers may be generated under consent from the individual that relates to DBS checks and occupational therapy reports. Details may also be obtained for managerial purposes throughout the course of employment or volunteering at the hospice and kept on personnel files, for example information from one-to-ones, performance management and appraisals.


Consequences of not being able to process information

There are certain types of information that the organisation must process to comply with employment laws and other regulatory requirements. Processing for these lawful requirements will occur under the organisation's obligation to comply with such laws.


The consequence of not being able to processing of information that is not caught by the above paragraph may affect the ability to manage employment opportunities and the provision of organisational benefits.


Purpose of Processing

Any information collected or requested will only be used for the purpose of recruiting, management and dismissal of employees or volunteers. Some examples of processing activities relating to staff are salaries, pensions, insurance, payroll giving, expenses, training, discipline, promotion, illness and return to work.


Personal and sensitive information will also be used for statistical reporting but only in anonymised form to protect and respect your right to privacy.


Legitimate Interest 

The processing of personal details directly for employment purposes is not carried out under legitimate interest but under the lawful ground relating to contracts and employment. The organisation will rely on its legitimate interest to process personal information about employees and volunteers for purposes that is not directly related to their employment such as for noting long service awards, redeployment or restructuring purposes.


Information Sharing

Information relating to employment of staff will only be shared with organisations that support the management of employees. For example organisations that assists with payment of staff salaries, pensions, insurance and tax purposes.


Some information will be shared with Occupational Health for the purposes of determining ability to work and undertake specific tasks.


At all times data minimisation will apply and only the necessary information will be shared to address the purposes required.


Retention of information

Information will be retained on staff for a period of 7 years from the end of employment. Details relating to prospective employees that were not taken on will be retained for a period of 6 months before being securely destroyed.


6. Education - What information do we collect about you? 

Education relates to the Education Department at Saint Francis Hospice who will collect and process personal information that relates to individuals who register and/or attend educational courses, those who make room bookings as well as to manage all staff and volunteer training requirements. Educational courses include those that are distance or part-time learning as well as those courses ran to help care teams to maintain their professional registrations.


Types of Information

The information that we collect is made clear on education application form and will include details such as your contact details, employer, courses of interest, those you've booked on to and those attended.


Sources of Information

Information will be sourced directly from applicants


7. How do you use my information?     

We will only use your information for the purpose(s) described above as well as for administrative and statistical purposes, to provide you with the information, products or services that you have requested or referred to Saint Francis Hospice for,  to provide care and support tailored to your medical needs, to support your family and friends, further our charitable aims and comply with the law.


We will highlight at the time of capturing your information if it is to be used for different and non-compatible purposes to those described above, for purposes that you would not reasonably expect and to offer you the opportunity to stop any use of your information that you are not happy with.      


We may need to share your personal information with our trading subsidiaries, service providers, associated organisations and agents for our own purposes only. This will be done only where necessary, under formal non-disclosure agreements and only after strict due diligence processes have been followed to ensure that those we work with will protect your right to Confidence, Privacy and right to information security.


Non-disclosure agreements are designed to protect information security and your confidentiality and sets strict obligations as to the use of that information. The non-disclosure agreements contain contractual clauses relating to the length of time that information can be held for and strict guidelines as to the safe destruction of the information. Any information that is shared with those described above is through security systems like NHS mail, secure file transfer portals and use of encryption. 


There may be occasions where personal sensitive information is anonymised before use for administrative and statistical purposes. When information is anonymised it means we protect your confidentiality by removing any information that could identify you as an individual.  


8. How do you protect my personal information?     

Saint Francis Hospice takes information governance and security seriously. We have robust technical and organisational systems and measures in place to manage and protect your personal information. These measures include data encryption, up to date security software to ensure confidentiality and to guard against unauthorised access, unlawful processing, accidental loss, damage or destruction.    


Around the organisation other measures include secure door access, CCTV, restricted software access, confidentiality and data protection policies and procedures that address our lawful obligation to protect your fundamental right to privacy and confidentiality.


9. Email and Text message (SMS) Marketing Consent   

On the consent form that you may receive it provides you with details of what you can chose to receive. This is a legal requirement that regulates marketing by electronic means.


We would like you to select as many options as you are willing and able to do so for how you would like to hear from us and they types of information you would like to receive. It is vitally important to us that we only send you the communications that you wish to receive as this will help to keep our costs to a minimum whilst providing you with the information that you wish to receive.


Appeals and fundraising: This will include all cash and regular giving communications, all fundraising initiatives and ways to support our fundraising efforts, information about our charity shops, new ways to support our work and ways to support and protect the longer term future of our work.


Saint Francis Hospice Lottery: Saint Francis Hospice is registered with the Gambling Commission for the purpose of running a small society lottery. The benefits of our lottery is that all of the proceeds are directly returned to paying for the care that we provide.


Hospice events: This including physical and challenge events, non-physical challenge events, social events, celebratory events and fundraising events such as the Big Quiz.


Information about our services: Relates to information about our clinical care and support services including OrangeLine, family and bereavement support but also includes information about our education and training services, annual review and service development.


10. Your rights

Access to information      

You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information please contact the relevant contact detailed below:     


  • Clinical information and medical records: Dr Corinna Midgley, Medical Director    
  • All other requests: Lynn Bryan, Senior Information Reporting Officer (SIRO) 
  • Saint Francis Hospice, The Hall, Broxhill Road, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford RM4 1QH   


We aim to respond as quickly as possible and at the latest within one month of receipt. If, however, due to the nature of the request and further time is required we will notify you as soon as possible explaining why the extension is required.  


List other Rights

Your personal information can only be processed in line with data protection principles and requirements contained within the Data Protection Act 2018. You have enforceable rights contained within the Data Protection Act that you are entitled to enforce. These are:

1.       Right to be informed how and why your information is being used, why and who has access to it
2.       Right to access information about you, at no charge and it must be supplied within 30 days
3.       Right to erasure (the right to be forgotten) where there is no compelling reason to keep it
4.       Right to rectification of inaccurate or incomplete information
5.       Right to data portability and to move your data from one environment to another
6.       Right to object to processing for direct marketing purposes
7.       Right to object to automated decision making and profiling
8.       Right to restrict processing of personal information
9.       Right to compensation
You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner about any of our processing activities. The Information Commissioner is the regulator that governs and controls the use of personal information and enforces your right to privacy and confidentiality. Click here to view the Information Commissioner's details. 


11. Cookies/Online   

Cookies are small pieces of data which are stored on your computer by your web browser. They are used to improve your online experience by almost every website including ours. This is why we feel it is important that you understand how cookies work, what they are for and when they are being used.    


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device used to access the internet. Cookies are useful as they allow a website to recognise the device you are using.    


At Saint Francis Hospice we use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as to display our website in different size fonts, to monitor how many people have visited our website or to display YouTube videos and social link such as Facebook. More information about cookies can be found at allaboutcookies.org    

Saint Francis Hospice does not use cookies to gather contact information about you and we do not share, sell or swap your personal information with any other third party for their marketing or fundraising purposes.     


We do use 'analytics' cookies to help us make our website better for those who visit it regularly. They help us to work out what visitors like and don't like and how we can improve things for you.     


When we include links to and feeds from other websites, please bear in mind they will have their own privacy and cookie policies that will govern their use of any information you submit. We recommend you read their policies as Saint Francis Hospice is not responsible or liable for their privacy practices.     


You can manage your cookie preferences for our website or any other websites by using your browser settings. Your browser's 'help' function will show you how to do this. However, please remember that cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions on our website. If you choose to switch certain cookies off, it could affect how our website works.    


12. Changes to Privacy Policy     

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and will update this policy from time to time. This is the current version of our privacy policy and was last updated on 30th April 2018.    


13. How to contact us     

You can contact Saint Francis Hospice by writing to us at: Saint Francis Hospice, The Hall, Broxhill Road, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, RM4 1QH      

Reception Enquiries 01708 753319
Clinical Enquiries 01708 758643
Fundraising Enquiries 01708 723593       


Retail Head Office Enquiries 01708 376269                               


Read our Supporter Charter document here.

Working in partnership with East London Health & Care Partnership, we will improve the quality of care you receive by ensuring we have the right information about you from our local NHS organisations. Read our sharing agreement here