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How we use your donations

As a charity, we rely on wonderful people just like you to donate, fundraise and support the care we provide to local people and their families, when they need it the most. Less than 30% of our funding comes from the NHS so we're incredibly grateful for every donation made.

Your support helps people like Vlad.

When the pandemic hit, Vlad, who lived in a care home, was unable to be visited by his parents. In his distress, his condition deteriorated and the Hospice got involved to help co-ordinate his care and manage his pain. His mother now credits the Hospice with saving her son's life.

Your support helps to fund care for people like Vlad, who live with incurable conditions. 

Meet the people we've cared for

left to right - Sulaiman, Nasreen, Nabeel, Safiyya and Samir

"You could see Nabeel was brighter just by being here."

Nabeel was admitted to the Hospice in 2019 and gave him and his family the support and space they needed to talk about dying without shame or fear.

Tina with her parents Maisie and Stanley Burke resized (cropped)

"When the nurses arrived it was like an angel had descended."

Maisie Burke was cared for by our Hospice at Home team before she peacefully died at home with her family beside her. 

Wendy Lord and her friend Jacquie Charles who dressed as an elf (cropped)

"The hospice took care of all of us, as well as Wendy."

Wendy stayed at the Hospice twice before she died. Her sister says they enjoyed some of their happiest times with Wendy while she was in our care.

For equipment

IT equipment to improve efficiency and reduce the admin time of the nurses.

Volunteer support

Recruitment, training and support to our volunteers who support our work at the hospice.

Vans and fuel

For our vans to enable us to courier essentials such as blood, drugs and to transport patients.

Food & meals

To cook hot and nutritious food 7 days a week, to people staying on our hospice ward.


To keep the gardens bright and colourful for patients and their families and loved ones to enjoy.

Did you know...


£5 pays for a meal for a patient or their loved one

Jacob painting

£10 pays for art materials for bereaved children


£25 pays for one hour of specialist care on our ward


£54 pays for a home visit from hospice at home

left to right - Sulaiman, Nasreen, Nabeel, Safiyya and Samir

£202 pays for 8 hours of care for a patient and their family on our ward

Your donation today will make a difference