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Leave a gift in your Will

A gift in your Will brings the love and care of your local hospice to the people who need it most.

How to make a Will

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Write your free Will

Create your free Will online with Guardian Angel. It's a simple process with clear instructions and advice.

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Use a trusted solicitor

Make a Will with our trusted partners, F Barnes Solicitors or Taylors Legal, in return for a donation to the Hospice.

Why is it important to make a Will?

Without a Will, there is no guarantee that your estate will be left to the people and organisations that are important to you. 

Make sure you keep your Will updated when your circumstances change, for example, when you get married or as you buy property, so you know that whatever you leave behind will benefit those important to you.

Support people like Wendy

Meet Leonore. She’s a generous supporter of your local hospice.

After her sister, Wendy, died in our care, Leonore spoke about what it meant to her and her family. Her words sum up perfectly why everyone who supports the hospice is so important. 

"We looked to the hospice to get us through the next week, the next day. They were always there. It was all about the care that Wendy needed and the care that our family needed. The hospice was the safe anchor point that kept us grounded.

"‘Now I really understand how important it is to be free."

Read Wendy's story


Speak to our team

For advice about leaving a legacy, or for more information, click below to submit an enquiry form and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

You will be remembered along with these special people

Susan Rose and Vera

George and Vera Allman

Gerald and Jillian Evans in Venice

Gerald and Jillian Evans

Christopher Morley

Christopher Morley

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Colin Eastman

Ronald Freeman

Ronald Freeman

Image of Harry Farrow

Harry William Farrow

Frank Brown

Frank Brown

Frequently asked questions

What wording do I need to include in my Will?

If you choose to leave a gift to us, please use the following recommended wording:

I give the sum of £____________

Or: All of the residue of my estate
Or: One ..... share of the residue of my estate
Or: .....% of my estate (this will help to secure the value of your gift against the effects of inflation)
Or: All my personal effects, e.g., jewellery, furniture (please give your solicitor a clear description of the items)

to Saint Francis Hospice (registered charity number 275913) of The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, Essex RM4 1QH for its general purposes and a receipt signed by a person for the time being allowed by the Trustees of Saint Francis Hospice shall be good and sufficient discharge to my Executors for the payment or transfer of the said assets to Saint Francis Hospice.

What is the registered charity number for Saint Francis Hospice?

Our registered charity number is 275913.

You can find it at the bottom of every page on our website.

How will a gift in my Will be used?

We want to respect your wishes when leaving a gift to us. However it is
always preferable to leave gifts unconditionally where possible, as this allows us to use your gift where it is most needed at the time we receive it.

Click here to find out more about how we use donations.

Should I tell the Hospice I am planning to leave them a gift in my Will?

We know that many people like to keep the instructions placed in their Wills a private matter which we completely respect. If you do want to let us know that you have remembered Saint Francis Hospice in your Will, it will give us the opportunity to thank you.