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Specialist community and crisis support

Contact our specialist advice line on 01708 758643, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for expert advice if you are facing a crisis.

Around the clock, our team are here to help you during your illness, particularly if you are in a crisis at home.

We are experts in pain and symptom control. Our team is responsible for providing palliative care for people with illnesses or conditions that can't be treated.

If you need extra care or are facing a crisis, this is what you can expect from us:

  • Comprehensive telephone assessments and follow up
  • Consultancy visits to get to know you and assess your situation at home
  • Outpatient appointments at the hospice
  • Virtual appointments / video consultations and follow up
  • Ongoing specialist home visits where appropriate
  • Specialist support through periods of crisis

If you are in need of urgent advice, you can call our specialist advice line on 01708 758643, at any time, 365 days a year, to speak to one of the team.

All referrals should ideally come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, District Nurse, or hospital consultant. We also accept self-referrals but we will need to clarify medical information with your GP or consultant.

If you live in Redbridge please speak to your local Macmillan community palliative care team.

"The Hospice sprinkled their fairy dust and made such a difference for Vlad and all of us"

John is the manager at the care home where Vlad lives. When Vlad became very unwell, his needs changed but the care home staff didn't have the knowledge or skills to help him.

They desperately wanted to care for Vlad without the need to go to hospital, so when the Hospice's got involved, everything changed. 

The support the Hospice gave to Vlad, his family, and the care home staff, transformed Vlad's quality of life. 

Read his story

Josh phone SCCS

Make a referral

Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.