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Our Services

Whether in your own home or at the hospice, we're dedicated to creating the right environment for you to maximise your quality of life. 
Our services are tailored to help you cope without fear, in a relaxed setting chosen by you. Both on-site and in the community, we have access to a full range of medical expertise from trained professionals including: 

  • consultants
  • nurses specialising in palliative care
  • physiotherapists
  • complementary therapists
  • chaplains
  • social workers
  • counsellors
  • occupational therapists.

To learn more about the full scope of care offered by our hospice, visit the pages below or contact us today.
Saint Francis hospice is a positive, welcoming environment with round-the-clock access to our brilliant team of medical professionals. Experience the highest standard of palliative care amidst gorgeous, scenic grounds.
Our Crisis Support line is open 24/7
Our brand new 24/7 helpline provides advice and crisis support from an expert Saint Francis Nurse. We advise those dealing with the impact of life-limiting illness, as well as other medical professionals.
SCCS with patient in home
85% of our care is provided in the community. You can be confident our expert team can help with whatever issues you’re facing, wherever you feel most comfortable, without compromising your quality of life.
Fireworks and feelings hand cutting

We host activities and groups for those dealing with life-limiting illnesses, as well as their friends, families and carers, to socialise, unwind and share their experiences.