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We welcome patient referrals to our services from GPs and other health, social or voluntary care professionals and do everything we can to make the process as speedy and efficient as possible.


Our catchment area

We welcome referrals for patients any stage of their illness, so we can support them and their families and friends for as long as possible. We support adults living in our catchment area.

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Referral FAQ's

What is the phone number for the Referrals Hub?

The Referrals Hub direct line is 01708 758606.

Which services can I refer a patient for?

Referrals can be made to any of our services and they are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team on a daily basis.

Who is eligible for referral to our Hospice services?

Referrals for any  or all services are considered for adult patients with advanced and / or progressive disease, regardless of diagnosis, within the framework of North East London Eligibility and Referral Guidelines.

A referral to SFH for someone who has a life-limiting condition should be considered if needs are complex. For example:

  • The person has persistent, hard to relieve, overwhelming symptoms.
  • The person's condition is progressing rapidly.
  • The individual is suffering emotional or spiritual distress in relation to their diagnosis or the progressive nature of their illness.
  • The person is poorly and experiencing difficulty facing the end of their life.
  • The individual has family or people important to them who are struggling with the situation - emotionally or practically, e.g. children in the immediate family.
  • The person and/or people important to them have had multiple bereavements.
  • The care team feels out of depth and in need of help/support with specialist palliative and end of life needs.

For GPs using the e-referral system

If you are using the e-referral system (Choose and Book), to refer please email UBRN to nelondonicb.saintfrancishospicereferrals@nhs.net. Please note this email address is only monitored from Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. 

If the referral you have sent is urgent, please call the Referrals Hub on 01708 758606 or the 24/7 specialist advice line on 01708 758643. If the line is busy please leave an answer phone message with your name, contact number, a short message and details of who you are calling about.

Monday to Friday 9-5pm we aim to return the call within the same day, outside of these hours we will respond at the earliest opportunity. For all referrals, please ensure a referral to the district nurse team has been made as we would not work independent of their services.

What happens after I have referred my patient?

We will contact the patient to assess what services are needed.

For advice before referral or if your referral is urgent, please call our referrals hub on 01708 758606 or the specialist advice line on 01708 758643.

For all referrals, please ensure a referral to the appropriate local district nurse team has been made.

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