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Introducing - Go Orange
We need the support of our local community so that we can provide care to over 4,000 a year. Only 28% of our funding is from the NHS - the rest, amounting to £21,000 a day - is voluntary income raised by people like you.

Go Orange basically means supporting Saint Francis Hospice. It's easy to do - join one of our events or sponsor a nurse, hold a Go Orange day at work or create a unique event of your own. If you organise your own activity, please make sure you tell us about your event and remember to follow and tag us in on Twitter and Facebook so we can share your content through our social channels as well.

Go Orange Fundraising Pack
Thank you for deciding to support Saint Francis Hospice and the people in your community that we care for.

Pack-ImageOur Go Orange Fundraising Pack is stuffed with goodies and information that will help you on your way with your fundraising. 

It includes:
  • A guide that talks you through the stages of organising your fundraising endeavours in an easy to digest manner, with loads of helpful tips and advice. 
  • Two office games that will help you raise funds with your colleagues.
  • A collection box.  
  • Go Orange stickers.
  • Your event promotional poster.

Hit the button below and send us an email with your address and we will pop your pack in the post. 


How else can I Go Orange?
You could help us by spreading the word of our work, as lots of local people do not know how much we do for local people in their community. You could tell your neighbour, best friend or hairdresser that Saint Francis Hospice is their local hospice and that we care for people with cancer, motor neurone disease, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases or that we need to raise over £7.8 million a year so that we can continue providing our services, free of charge to local people. 


And there's more... 

There's more we couldn't fit in the pack, plus there are parts of the pack that you can download - simply complete the form below to gain access to them all.

In addition, we have orange curly wigs, banners, collection boxes and buckets and more besides, so please send us an email if you'd like anything else to enhance your Go Orange activities!
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