Lee Whall - father on the ward
Lee Whall - father on the ward (cropped)
Memory Tree

This beautiful handmade sculpture is situated in a prime position in our hospice for all to see, and offers a unique and meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory of those you hold dear. 

Create a lasting memorial for your loved one

The solid copper, brass and aluminium leaves on our Memory Tree will be engraved with the name of your loved one and will remain on the tree for as long as you wish. Every leaf not only creates a unique personal tribute, but they provide support for our patients and their families who may need hospice care in the future. 

Memory tree2

"Visiting the tree brings us comfort"

"After Mum died, the first thing we wanted to do was get a leaf on the tree. It is somewhere to go and it is something for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remember them by."

Ways to make a tribute


Dedicate a leaf for £120

You will be able to choose the colour of your leaf, whether it is copper, aluminium or bronze. The cost of a leaf is £10 per month, which you can pay monthly by direct debit or in a single payment of £120 for the year.

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Remembered on our rocks

The rocks placed around the roots of the Memory Tree are dedicated to those who have left us a gift in their will, to symbolise legacies as being the foundations for the future of hospice care. 


Talk to us

If you have any further questions about the Memory Tree, please get in touch and a member of our team would be delighted to talk to you.