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Saint Francis Hospice Lottery

Linda Frost

Jackpot: £1,000
2nd Prize*: £500 (up to £25,000 rollover!) 
3rd Prize: (x10): £10

Every week we give £1,000 to one lucky winner, along with 10 prizes of £10.
*Our £500 rollover prize, if not won, rolls over each week until someone's number comes up or the pot reaches £25,000. Then, it will be a guaranteed prize in that week's draw, to one very lucky winner!

Why play the Lottery?

  • It's local. The money you spend on your ticket never travels far, as it will be spent on helping local people facing a life-limiting illness
  • It's £1 for a ticket. That's half the price of the National Lottery
  • With prizes ranging from £10 to a £25,000 rollover, you could win big!
  • By playing, you're helping make a difference to people's lives.

How to play
  • Entry to the Saint Francis Hospice lottery costs just £1 a week. Players can have up to 20 numbers each, per week.
  • You can play by direct debit, via debit card or by cheque. 
  • Each number you have is unique and is yours for as long as you choose to play. 
  • Winning numbers are selected randomly by computer each Friday. Prizes are sent by post and we will telephone the winner of the weekly £1,000 prize draw.
  • You can view the winning numbers every week on our website or in the Romford Recorder, Brentwood Recorder, Ilford Recorder, Woodford Recorder or the Barking & Dagenham Post. 

How to pay
  • Click here to pay by Direct Debit, paying by Direct Debit saves the Hospice significant administrative costs
  • To play by debit card, please call 0870 0502177 and reference Saint Francis Hospice Lottery
  • Play with a cheque. Download the form and return to: Saint Francis Hospice Lottery, The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, RM4 1QH

Lottery canvassers

We're recruiting a team of canvassers to help us promote the benefits of playing our local lottery, both to the Hospice and the players. Their photos will be shared here so you are able to check that they are working legitimately with our Hospice.  

On the left is Dolores O'Lesaary who recently joined our team, and on the right is Linda Frost who has been working with the Lottery team for a while.

Linda Frost

Thank you for supporting Saint Francis Hospice by playing our Lottery!

Linda Frost

Fundraising Responsibility

Saint Francis Hospice Lottery is licensed by the gambling commission www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk
Operating Licence: 000-004886-N-100626-002 and 000-004886-R-310987-001
We are committed to using lotteries to fundraise responsibly and encourage responsible gambling with access to support. Responsible Gambling Trust provide such support.
Visit www.responsiblegamblingtrust.org.uk
Download a self exclusions form
Lottery promoted by Saint Francis Hospice. Registered charity number 275913.
Responsible person: J Frame. See our lottery terms and conditions
Remember: it is an offence for any persons under the age of 16 years to participate in a lottery.