Your donations to Saint Francis Hospice can be worth 25% more - at no cost to you. 

Gift aid

Have you said yes to Gift Aid? 


If you have made a donation to Saint Francis Hospice you can help our patients and their families even further by saying yes to Gift Aid. It won’t cost you any extra.


As soon as you give your permission by completing our Gift Aid declaration form we could claim 25p from HMRC for every £1 you have donated to Saint Francis Hospice at no extra cost to you. We can even claim for donations made up to four years ago.


That means a £10 donation is worth £12.50 and a £50 donation is worth £62.50


All you need to do is download our Gift Aid declaration form, print it off, complete your details and post it back to us at the Freepost address on the form. 


Download your Gift Aid form.


Are you eligible for Gift Aid?

You are eligible if:
• You pay tax on your income, including your salary, your pension, interest on savings, rental income or dividends from company shares OR on capital gains tax.
• You’ve made a donation to charity in the last four years by cheque, credit/ debit card, direct debit, standing order, postal order or in cash.
• Your donation doesn’t exceed the amount of tax you’ve paid in the last 12 months.


 If you are a higher rate tax payer and pay tax at a rate of 40% or above, you can claim the difference between the higher and basic rate on your donation. Do this: 


- through your Self Assessment tax return 

- by asking HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to amend your tax code


If you're sure that Gift Aid can't be claimed on your donation/s, please do let us know. You'll also be helping us because we can update our records and know not to contact you about it. 


There are also some circumstances where Gift Aid can't be claimed on your donations. Please see this HMRC guidance for more information.  


To enable us to claim Gift Aid on the donations you have made through our shops, you will need to complete a separate form and sign up to the Retail Gift Aid scheme. You can do this when you next visit one of our shops. 


If your details or your tax circumstances change in the future, please contact us on 01708 723593 to let us know.