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Saint Francis Hospice is challenging businesses across our area to put their money-making skills to the test as part of our brand new £50 Challenge!

This January, businesses will be handed a crisp £50 note and tasked with turning it into as much money for our Hospice as possible. 

Participating companies will have 10 weeks to raise as much money as possible from their initial £50. The challenge will culminate with a special session of our Business Alliance networking session in April with awards for the winners. As well as crowning the overall winner of the challenge, we will also be celebrating the achievements of all of our participants and the impact of the money raised for our Hospice.

This challenge is all about entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, something we know our local business community has in abundance! Some ideas to get you started include bake sales, quizzes and family fun days. The possibilities though are endless, and don’t forget you are in it to win it!

Need some inspiration for our £50 Challenge? Take a look at our 50 ideas!

To register your team for the £50 Challenge click here for our pledge form. For more information contact our Corporate Partnerships team at corporatefundraising@sfh.org.uk or on 01708 753 319.

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