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Why I ran the Brighton Half Marathon...

I ran the Brighton Half Marathon on 25th February in memory of my Nan and Aunty Jill.
Amber cropped (cropped)

On the 24th June 2016 I lost my Nanny Pat, my best friend.

Nan had been suffering with cancer, and her body just couldn't take anymore. A few years prior Nan had recovered but unfortunately the cancer had returned. Nan really did not like hospitals and wanted to return home as soon as possible and if it wasn't for the incredible people at Saint Francis Hospice,

Nan wouldn't have been able to go back home. The team also massively aided my mum, uncle and aunt looking after my Nan, and they really cared for her in her last weeks and I'm so grateful she left us peacefully. My Nan was a huge part of life, being a big part of my amazing upbringing and I'm so grateful to have been able to spend 20 incredible years with her. 

Amber NanAmber Nan

Amber before and after the Brighton Half Marathon

A week before my half marathon, my Nans sister, my auntie Jill also sadly passed away from cancer. So Saint Francis Hospice is a charity very close to my families hearts and I really wanted to say a huge thank you to the wonderful people there. I have raised an amazing £476.00 for Saint Francis, and I really hope it will be of help.

Thank you for your team! 

Amber x

Amber Nan

  Amber ran in memory of Nan and Auntie Jill, pictured above