20th - End of life care
26th - Aches, pains & blistered feet from non-stop 145 mile race are worth it.
4th - Volunteers' week
9th - Carers Week
25th - Four days at Saint Francis Hospice has taught me never to judge a book by its cover.
30th - End of life care
7th - Ironman training
10th - Charity criticism
10th - My work experience
17th - Prudential 100
30th - End of life care
31st - Lourdes Pilgrimage
19th - Bereavement support
6th - End of life care
22nd - End of life care
28th - Great Wall of China Trek
19th - Children's Grief Awareness Week
20th - Children's Grief Awareness Week
23rd - Children's Grief Awareness Week
25th - Children's Grief Awareness Week
24th - Run Nurse Run
26th - Charity criticism
2nd - National Storytelling Week
3rd - National Storytelling Week
4th - National Storytelling Week
12th - Run Nurse Run
15th - World Social Work Day
15th - World Social Work Day
25th - Run Nurse Run
29th - Run Nurse Rest
9th - "I feel incredibly lucky, because I've been given the chance to sort things out."
12th - Ten reasons to say thank you to Saint Francis Hospice nurses on International Nurses Day.
15th - CQC Inspection
25th - My 'thank you' to Dr Kate Granger
27th - Walking for Nanny - Brenda's Babes
2nd - 'Connectedness is an antidote to loneliness'
14th - A beautiful way to remember my mum at Christmas
7th - SFH Writing & Talking Group
10th - Julia Bell's first Mud N Madness experience!
13th - Children in Need
14th - Children In Need
28th - Children In Need
25th - Spencer's Marathon Day - Part 2
25th - Spencer's Marathon Day - Part 1
31st - Why I love volunteering
31st - My view of Santathon
26th - Sue's on the run again!
13th - Sue's Marathon Challenge - part 2!
14th - Sue's Marathon Challenge - Bursitis, bruises and the Dartford Half Marathon
4th - Sue completes Liverpool Half Marathon - blog 4
23rd - Marathon day finally arrives!
27th - Why I ran the Brighton Half Marathon...
11th - Volunteering with PRIDE
15th - How Saint Francis Hospice changed our lives.
5th - A day in the life of an Occupational Therapist
8th - I started life as an Occupational Therapist
15th - Children's Grief Awareness Week
16th - Thank you Children in Need for helping us to support 110 young people every year
19th - My daughter received the right support at the right time
22nd - London Marathon 2019 - Serene and Kelly's story
4th - London Marathon 2019 - Sue Spong and the Family Support Services team - Part 1
12th - A day in the life of a Community Nurse Specialist
8th - London Marathon 2019 - Sue Spong and the Family Support Services team - part 2
15th - London Marathon 2019 - Sue Spong and the Family Support Services team - Part 2
5th - 100,000 steps in 24 hours
9th - Rebecca Parker - My role as a bereavement volunteer
9th - Sue's fabulous 2019 London Marathon achievement
13th - Dying Matters Week - Mimi's story
3rd - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Bernard Murphy
3rd - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Doreen Northfield
4th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Rakesh Silliara
4th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Hans De Vrind
4th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - John Brocklehurst
5th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Melita Milsom
6th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Rita Gersh
6th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Robert Phillips
7th - National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Christine Clifford
9th - Creative therapy at Saint Francis Hospice
8th - How your Lottery money is helping bereaved children
7th - Saint Francis Hospice
8th - Mimi's motto
1st - Howdy, Malcolm
13th - Bridging the age gap
27th - Sprinkle magic on your CV by volunteering at Saint Francis Hospice
28th - Us and Mrs Jones
3rd - Iris lucks out with volunteering
4th - Dr Corinna Midgley
5th - The love of Saint Francis Hospice
12th - Christmas in June
13th - Terry's happy place
17th - Art therapy
19th - Gemma’s back in the loop
24th - Saint Francis Hospice
27th - Dave's ladies
2nd - Dr Corinna Midgley
8th - Hello January, my old friend...
13th - Dr Corinna's plea for us to pull together
24th - Fulfilment at last
27th - Elsie's magical place
5th - Brian's reward
5th - Anne's honour
5th - Respite for Wallace
7th - A new outlook on life
12th - A force in volunteering
18th - Lending a listening ear
20th - This is our oasis
24th - Bernie's love for volunteering
2nd - June's little miracle
5th - How honesty helps bereaved children heal
17th - The summer of volunteering
11th - Hospice at Home - caring for patients during COVID-19 crisis
20th - SCCS - Supporting patients and families via telephone
29th - Empowering patients and families
5th - OrangeLine - Our phonecalls are a lifeline to the lonely
5th - Bereavement Support - My work at Saint Francis Hospice is all about relationship
17th - Dying Matters Week - Talking about death without shame or fear
18th - Community team - Caring for a covid-19 patient
24th - Therapies Team - Finding new ways to deliver care
29th - Domestic team - Our role is more important than ever
4th - 6 reasons you should volunteer for Saint Francis Hospice
9th - Education - How we responded to the national crisis
12th - Therapies - reflexology and massage on the ward
25th - Bereavment service - "People have had to hold their grief"
1st - From day service coordinator to managing logistics
3rd - "It makes my day telling people they've won our Lottery"
10th - "What we'd do for our mums, we'd do for our patients"
29th - "The pandemic has reinforced why I wanted to specialise in end of life care"
30th - "We have had some fantastic support from the community we care for."
7th - "If there’s one positive thing to come out of the pandemic, it’s the community spirit"
25th - A new dawn for Saint Francis Hospice
25th - Saint Francis Hospice
10th - Keep calm and carry on!
30th - Adapting amid the pandemic
30th - Providing occupational therapy from a distance
1st - "If you’re thinking about holding a coffee morning, please choose us, go orange and go local"
1st - Our shops and shoppers are back!
1st - "Thank you to everyone who continues to support us; you really are amazing"
1st - Going digital
12th - By Emily Gray, Art therapist at Saint Francis Hospice
23rd - On the run for #TeamSFH
23rd - Volunteering is the most rewarding thing I've ever done
4th - Digital ways to fundraise and remember loved ones
4th - New ways of working are here to stay
4th - Looking after mental health of a workforce has never been so important
4th - OrangeLine volunteers are making more support calls than ever
4th - Why volunteering gives me a purpose
4th - I'm privileged to offer my services to Saint Francis Hospice
2nd - Christmas shop brings a touch of magic
4th - The patient and their loved ones are the driving force at the centre of our holistic approach
9th - How covid changed life on the ward
10th - Our top priority remains to give excellent end of life care both at the hospice and in the home.
11th - Coping with cancer, chemotherapy and covid-19
14th - From ward volunteer to trustee
16th - Hands off approach to reiki
1st - The Sky's the limit for Tina
2nd - It takes courage to ask for help sometimes
9th - Event organising during a pandemic
9th - Student Volunteer thrives in multiple roles at the Hospice
14th - Volunteering and fundraising at SFH
19th - Keeping my skills up to date is rewarding and exciting
4th - Corneal donation and the gift of sight
4th - My pride at raising over £1,500 in first fundraiser
5th - Looking to the future and a new norm
5th - Reflecting on my time at Saint Francis Hospice
13th - How volunteering on the ward has boosted my CV
15th - My priority is making a difference to patients' lives
23rd - National Day of Reflection - bereavement and loss during a pandemic
1st - Making our gardens a haven to remember
4th - OrangeLine - A service I'm proud to be part of
12th - Why OrangeLine has been a lifeline for me during the pandemic
17th - Do you have the next best fundraising idea?
22nd - Missing the chance to say goodbye
27th - Fundraising during Covid-19
30th - Relieved to be re-opening charity shops after lockdown
5th - Mum was in the right place to die
18th - Hitting the high notes for the Hospice
18th - Preparing the hospice for the new normal
28th - Therapies team see light at the end of the tunnel with new normal
2nd - Volunteering helps me raise awareness about a subject that's close to my heart
3rd - Volunteering helped me focus on something else while my mum was ill
3rd - Mollie volunteers to develop skills that benefit her career
4th - Digital Educator hopes to extend the reach of Hospice learning
8th - Liberty's Marathon
9th - My experience of my Art Therapy Placement at the Hospice
14th - COVID-19 caused me to become my husband's carer
22nd - Sister Philomena's starts virtual support group for patients during pandemic
5th - Liberty's Marathon
10th - Liberty's Marathon
16th - Embracing diversity at Saint Francis Hospice
16th - How I encourage philanthropy at Saint Francis Hospice
16th - Being a volunteer bereavement counsellor during the Pandemic
18th - Working for the Hospice makes me feel part of the community
7th - Why is it important to make a will?
9th - How do you want to be remembered?
13th - Liberty's Marathon
14th - Helping our Hospice nurses to continue delivering world class care
23rd - Winning the lottery has meant I can treat myself after years supporting the Hospice
1st - Black History Month is a chance to celebrate our achievements and reflect on how we can do more