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Children's Grief Awareness Week: "Never bottle things up."

Lily Nash's mum, Claire, died only four months ago from breast cancer. Since then, Lily, aged 10, has been meeting with Esther Gwynne once a week for bereavement counselling. On Children's Grief Awareness Week, Lily shares her story... 
Lily-and-Esther-at-Fireworks-and-Feelings-2015Hello! My name is Lily Nash. I am 10 years old. I have support from Saint Francis Hospice because, a couple of months ago, my mum died.      

It has affected my life immensely, but, Saint Francis has helped me alot, especially one woman called Esther.     

Esther is my counsellor who comes to my school every week. She is such a kind, caring lady, and always makes me smile whenever I see her. Because of Saint Francis Hospice, I now get to go to activities, where I get to meet other people like me.      

Grief is such a horrible thing, it makes me feel so anxious and sometimes even depressed. But, when I see Esther, I can express my feelings in whatever way I want to, because I know I can trust her.      

My favourite part of the sessions with Esther, are always when she lets me draw things. Like when she let me draw a picture of my mum. Esther makes a difference to me because once I have told her all of the things that makes me anxious, it makes me feel alot better.  

Lily and Esther at Fireworks and Feelings

But, some of the hardest times with Esther is when I talk about my mum. Sometimes, when I talk about her, I struggle to breath and it doesn't make me feel happy, even when we talk about the happy things.      

I think Esther is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met, she is so warm hearted and kindful. My advice for other children like me, is to never bottle things up. When you bottle things up, it makes you feel physically ill, and it's not nice. Trust me.      

Always talk to someone who you trust, or feel comfortable around. I recommend getting a counsellor, because they do make an enormous difference in your life. At first, things are a little odd, but never really scary. Once you get to know your counsellor, you will start to realise how good it actually is. You will start to realise how nice the people are, even if you don't know them very well. 

I have only known Esther for a few months, and she has already made me alot happier about things. Thank you for reading.