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My work experience: Nine things I've learnt from Saint Francis Hospice

Fifteen-year-old Nik tells us what he's learnt following his week's work experience with the fundraising team... 
Nik Heinen with Margaret on the in patient unit
For the last week I have been doing my work experience here at the hospice. Throughout the week I have been in different areas of the fundraising team. In the time I have been here I have learnt a lot about the hospice and what they do here. One thing I learnt was that although it is quite a sad place, no one is miserable. Everyone has an opportunity to things they would like to do.   

Here are some of the best things I have learnt this week:
  • Not everything is doom and gloom in a hospice.        
  • Saint Francis Hospice's employees are all kind and friendly to everyone.        
  • It's one of the largest adult hospices in the UK.        
  • The staff are wonderfully amazing.        
  • I learnt that without the 800 volunteers the hospice could not run.        
  • The nurses like working in the ward as they can get close to patients and talk to them more.        
  • There is wine everywhere in the hospice even in the ward.        
  • Fundraising is to do with getting money for all the patients in the hospice.        
  • The hospice's work isn't all in the hospice; it's in the local community too. 

I'm really happy that I came to Saint Francis Hospice for my work experience and nowhere else- I know it's been a lot more interesting than what some of my friends have done! It's given me a better understanding of what happens in hospices, as well as finance and business. I think people should support this hospice and more people should know about the work it does, because it's an amazing organisation!  

Niklas Heinen with the fundraising team