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National Volunteers' Week 2019 - Melita Milsom

This week is National Volunteers' Week 2019. We thank all of our volunteers for their continued support. This week we will be sharing case study's on just a few of our volunteers...

When Melita Milsom, 31, from Romford, lost her Nan to cancer, she realised she wanted to give back to the Hospice that supported her and her family through the illness.


"Without Saint Francis Hospice, we wouldn't have had time at home with our Nan during her last few months. The Hospice at Home team were amazing, caring for Nan and providing all the equipment she needed during that time," Melita said.


Having trained as a foot health practitioner, Melita decided to volunteer with the charity to care for patients' feet. She has been volunteering at Pemberton Place for four months, providing a foot health clinic, as well as doing home visits for anyone that can't make the clinic.


"Patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy often have problems with their feet and toenails so I'm able to give them treatments for this, as well as providing them with some reassurance," she added.


"I love that I'm able to bring a bit of pampering to people in the hospice, as well as tending to any foot problems they are facing. I love giving back to the Hospice and feel that my whole world has opened up after meeting some of the amazing people there."