SFH Writing & Talking Group

This special group gives people the opportunity to write poetry, prose, life stories and much more.   

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Our "Writing and Talking" group meets for six weeks three times a year.  

We choose photos and show objects from our lives that bring purpose and meaning. Homework is set and the anticipation of hearing each other's words is as special as writing our own.   

We laugh, we cry, we listen and we speak about all that is important to us.      


Here are some comments I have received from members of the group:

'Joining the Saint Francis Hospice writing group was the biggest event in my life since my cancer operation 4 years ago and its recurrence 2 years ago.     

Meeting my friends in the group is humbling as they are all suffering serious health problems, but are happy (and sometimes tearful) as the topics and writings are discussed.    

Saint Francis Hospice is a sunshine time in my otherwise bleak week.'    

'I love writing with the people in the group, their lives & experiences are a rich tapestry of emotions, ideas and a give a brief glimpse into their lives.     I have grown as a person in many ways since I started writing at the hospice and that writing acts as an emotional release for me"     


"Everyone seems so comfortable talking about their lives, everybody here feels like a friend and they have become really important in my life."    

"...it makes a difference to get my thoughts & memories down on paper - long forgotten memories come back when you start"      


A big 'Thank You' to our volunteer Marian who co facilitates with me...she first had the idea of the group which is a privilege to be part of.     


Without uncertainty there is

No space for creativity

Creativity is the path that finds

The beauty in uncertain life.

7th /11/16 

Phil Isherwood,

(Bolton Hospice Poet) 

Sue Spong, Counsellor....Family Support Services