Spencer's Marathon Day - Part 2

So as I headed back towards the city I knew I was nearly at the end.
Spencer with his medal (cropped)

As I approached Limehouse Railway Station the crowd was fantastic, plenty of spectators were handing out sweets, beer and all sorts (no I didn't take a beer).

At this stage I was on the highway and I looked across and runners were still streaming through on the other side of the road running towards where I had just come from and that was a nice feeling as I had done the same thinking I wish I was heading back into the city (so if you run next year don't look over).

Thanks for Joanne Day for taking the snap below on the highway.

Spencer Dr Lucy

As I come up to Tower Hill I knew I would see the Saint Francis Hospice support crew and as I turned the corner I headed straight over to collect some sweets etc. At this stage I was very emotional as I knew I was raising money for the charity and I looked up into the sky hoping that mum and dad would push me the final few miles.

Mile 23 water station arrived and I knew that a few friends were looking after that station (I can see why they do mile 23, it's right outside the fire station Helen!!!!) so I saw Lisa Thake and gave her a big cuddle got some water and continued to run.

This was the home stretch as I approached the tunnel on Lower Thames Street I decided to crack open a jel and walk through the tunnel (bad mistake it smells) as I came up the other side the noise and crowd was amazing which really pushed me along but I felt pretty strong also and as I approached the walkabout, my friends Chris and Dave screamed our "Spenno" so that gave me more of a boost. (It's also the best idea to get your name on your shirt too)

At this stage I saw Jessica another runner from Saint Francis Hospice who was walking so I tried to get her to run with me which she did but she did say her knee was hurting but we stayed running together for a little while before she told me to carry on.

Spencer Dr Lucy Spencer Dr Lucy

I was very very close to the end and the noise from the crowd was just amazing and I can't describe how good the feeling was and how emotional it was also. I could also see Alan another runner from Saint Francis Hospice we had about 800 yards to go so that was so good to run together to the finishing line.

Spencer Dr Lucy