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Saint Francis Hospice: meeting the ever-growing demand

Dr Corinna Midgley's work with Saint Francis Hospice started 19 years ago. She's now in her 13th year as our Medical Director.
During her time with us, Corinna has seen the number of people referred to our Hospice grow year on year.

"It's great that people are living longer, but with that comes more complex health problems," she admitted.

Coupled with a growing population, that means a higher demand for our Hospice's support, as Corinna explained:

"A patient could be living with advanced cancer that was once untreatable, but now may be on their third or fourth type of therapy. They may also be living with dementia, heart disease, diabetes and emphysema, and becoming increasingly frail."

At the turn of the millennium, almost everyone Corinna cared for was living with advanced cancer. Now, more than a third of her patients do not have cancer but are living with advanced neurological disease, heart, lung, liver or kidney failure, or a combination.

One of the many myths surrounding our Hospice is that we only care for people living with cancer. While cancer is a condition we specialise in, we're also experts in caring for people living with all types of life-limiting illnesses.

Corinna would love to hear from any health and social professionals who are interested in knowing more about palliative care and our services. She'd also welcome hearing from GPs or hospital doctors interested in doing some work at our Hospice.

You can contact Corinna at corinnamidgley@sfh.org.uk