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I came to work at the hospice following a personal experience. 

I witnessed the amazing care and compassion that was shown to my family.

For some people it may sound strange that I enjoy my job, however I do and I find it very rewarding and fulfilling. In my role, I spend time giving support to patients who have chosen to spend their last days in their own home. It is such a privilege to be welcomed into someone’s home and to have the time to be able to get to know them and their families. 

My visits are varied and sometimes just being there in the background can give families comfort. I am in my element when I am able to spend time pampering patients and I am known for my shaves and foot massages! The role can be tough and emotional however there is always a member of the team to call on to support me as being a lone worker can be challenging. 

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Your donation will ensure Dawn can provide comfort when families need it most.

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