We’re making wonderful things happen across our community thanks to you

Our patients and staff have told us about the little things that really mean the world to them:

  • A relaxing massage
  • Laughing at a silly joke
  • A much needed haircut
  • A dog visiting the ward
  • Worry being taking from my shoulders
  • A bath for dad
  • A gin and tonic from the drinks trolley

Our care never stops and that is only possible thanks to your kind giving. Thank you for whatever you can donate today.


It costs around £15 a minute to provide every aspect of care available through Saint Francis Hospice. And just as those minutes add up, so too do your donations and when we all come together and give, we can make truly amazing things happen.


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Thank you for whatever you can donate today, we really do appreciate it.


One couple who experienced the care of the Hospice and the little things that can make such a difference are Ross and Chloe Annear.




“Ross always said I was too good for him; that he couldn’t be loved because he was unwell. What he didn’t know is he was too good for me and I was lucky to meet him.

He was the most amazing person, so strong and brave. It’s such a comfort to know that he was cared for in the best way possible. And for that, I’m forever grateful to supporters like you.”

Chloe Annear, wife of Ross Annear


Chloe met Ross in June 2015, three years after he was diagnosed with what doctors thought was a benign brain tumour. In 2016 Ross and Chloe moved in together thinking that his condition was under control.


Chloe says; ‘Within a few months of us moving in together Ross was calling me from the hospital saying that his tumour had grown and he had to have surgery. It was devastating.’

The couple remained positive, taking each day at a time but in January 2018 they received more bad news; the tumour looked like it was growing and Ross underwent six weeks of radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy.


On 16th November 2018 the couple got married. Chloe remembers; ‘Ross looked so handsome. I knew I’d really lucked out with him. We were so happy.’

However, just a month after their wedding, a scan showed a new mass which caused problems with Ross’s vision and speech and just a week or so after Ross’s birthday, he had a seizure from which he never really recovered.


Chloe continues her story; ‘That’s when everyone descended; district nurses, occupational therapists and one of the Saint Francis Hospice nurses all to help Ross be cared for at home, as he wanted.’


In April 2019, Chloe was first told the devastating news that Ross wouldn’t be with her for much longer. The hospital referred the couple to Saint Francis Hospice.

Chloe describes the Hospice as a ‘home from home’. She stuck to Ross’s side for two and a half weeks, even having a bed which went right next to his so she could give him cuddles.


Ross sadly passed away on our ward in May 2019 aged just 29. Chloe reflects on this time; ‘We had been together for three years and ten months but it felt like a lifetime. Sometimes I have no idea how I coped with it all, but I did it because of Ross; he was just the best person ever to be with. And I have such a strong family behind me. Everything I did, they were there too. And of course, there was Saint Francis Hospice.’


Chloe and her family have been fundraising for the Hospice to say thank you for the care we gave to Ross and to so many others in our community.


When thinking about a moment that was special to her, Chloe remembers one particularly well; ‘Seeing the way that the nurses washed Ross’s hair, knowing that it was important to him and that he took such pride in his appearance.’ 


As this year is a Leap Year, we’ve got one more day of Hospice care to pay for and we want to keep these special moments coming and keep caring for more people like Ross and Chloe. We’re hoping that together generous supporters like yourself can make a donation to enable us to do this.