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Legal Advice in End of Life Care

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Who is this for?
This workshop is aimed at all healthcare professionals who support patients with life-limiting illness and their families/

What will I study?
Pinney Talfourd LLP will be hosting this session to provide legal advice on family issues, care issues and end of life issues.
This presentation and workshop will provide you with an understanding of the various options available to patients and
families/carers and provide you with the confidence to advise on what needs to be put into place before death.
As a result of this workshop you will be able to answer simple questions, ensure patients know what issues need to be
considered and know where to refer people for complex matters.

Topics covered
Ensuring your wishes are carried out
• Importance of a will - including guardians, trusts and the consequences of not having a will
• Powers of Attorney - the various types including property and affairs, and personal welfare
• Probate and estate administration - the responsibilities of an administrator and a checklist of tasks
• Free helpline contact details

When a deceased’s wishes are disputed
• How and why somebody may dispute a deceased’s wishes
• Contested probate 

Family law and how it relates to a death in the family
• Parental responsibility - the scope of it and who has it
• Special guardianship - what is it and who can apply for it
• Child arrangement orders - what are they and how do they work?
• Useful organisations

Fee: Owing to the kind donation of their time by Pinney Talfourd we are able to offer this study day at £40 per person.