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Make a Will Fortnight 

Make a will fortnight banner of a family

What is Make a Will Fortnight? 

Make a Will Fortnight is a Will writing initiative usually held in June, where a number of local solicitors have kindly agreed to take part by writing or amending standard Wills free of charge in return for a donation to the hospice. All the participating legal professionals are donating their time and expertise free of charge and Saint Francis Hospice is very grateful for their support. 

Last year, our Make a Will Fortnight event raised £6,500 from donations given by our supporters which could pay for over 100 hours of patient care at home.   

How do I take part during the fortnight?
1. Look through our list of participating solicitors or Will writers and make an initial appointment during 11th-22nd June. We may add more to the list during the event. Mention Make a Will Fortnight and Saint Francis Hospice when you speak to them. Your appointment may or may not be during the fortnight depending on their schedule.

**We will list our participating legal professionals over the coming weeks. Please check this page regularly as we will keep it updated.** 

2. At your meeting with your chosen solicitor or Will writer, will give you advice based on your circumstances and wishes and will tell you if this can be written as a standard Will. If you agree to go ahead, instead of paying them a fee, you will be asked to give a donation to Saint Francis Hospice. The minimum suggested donation is £100 for a standard Will or £60 to update an existing Will (codicil). 

3. If your Will is not standard and requires specialist advice which cannot be included under this scheme, the solicitor or Will writer will advise you and agree a separate fee before going ahead. In addition, if mirror Wills are required, e.g. two identical Wills that are written for husband and wife or partners, this is counted as two Wills, with a suggested minimum donation of £100 per person.

Please don’t put it off! Each participating solicitor and Will writer in our event has a limited number of allocated appointments, so please take this opportunity to make or update your Will as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  

Make a will fortnight banner of a family   Make a will fortnight banner of a family 

For more information on Make a Will Fortnight, please speak to Susan Spencer on 
01708 771403 or send her an email.