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MASTERCLASS: Dementia - Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour

09.30 - 16.30
The Pepperell Education Centre
This Masterclass is suitable for any health or social care professional caring for people with dementia. It is aimed at advancing your knowledge and skills in understanding, assessing and managing behaviour that challenges. It examines the neuropsychology of dementia and the physiological and psychological meaning behind behaviour. It also considers effective ways to support personhood and maintain it in a therapeutic social and physical environment. The underpinning philosophy of this Masterclass will be based on the principle of person-centred care, communication and reframing what is traditionally labelled as ‘difficult behaviour’ to expressions of needs, desire and distress.
What will I study?
This masterclass primarily focuses on:
Prevalence, pathophysiology, assessment and staging of dementia
Meanings behind Aggression
The Role of Superstition, Ritual and Habit
The Person-Centred Approach
Maintaining Personhood
The Role of Pain and Other Physical Conditions
Delirium and Depression
The Contribution of the Environment

Learning objectives:  
Enhance understanding of the disease process of dementia and associated challenging behaviour
Identify, when possible, the underlying causes of challenging behaviour and distress
Employ innovative therapeutic responses to support personhood and effectively manage behaviour that challenges
Our speakers will be:
Dr Saheem Gul
Consultant Psychiatrist
Lindsay Royan 
Principal Clinical Psychologist

£100 per person (includes lunch)