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Masterclass: The Pain of Grief and Professional Burnout

Education Centre
This masterclass is suitable for anyone working in the field of health and social care who wishes to gain a better
understanding of loss and grief. This will enable them to provide more effective support in caring for the bereaved and people facing loss. An important part of this day is given to considering compassion fatigue and professional burnout in order to develop self-care and professional resilience.
What will I study?
This masterclass focuses on the complexity of grief, loss, bereavement and professional burnout and the challenges that health and social care professionals face to provide support. It primarily focuses on:
- The theory of loss and grief, including exploration of complicated grief.
- Understanding and working with the effects of grief
- Grief assessment
- Professional burnout, stress and strategies for self-care eg. mindfulness, journalling , breathworks, reflective practice
Learning objectives
- Enhance understanding of grief, loss and bereavement
- Use evidenced-based tools and related theories to guide practice in assessing and managing grief 
- Identify compassion fatigue and burnout in self and others
- Examine the effectiveness of traditional and innovative strategies pertinent to promoting self-care and avoiding burnout
£100 per person