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During this difficult and sensitive time with the support and funding from Hospice UK and working together with our community we have put together a COVID-19 Virtual Bereavement Counselling Service for people who are looking for bereavement support. This is a time limited service until April 2021.


Saint Francis Hospice COVID-19 Virtual Bereavement Counselling Service provides free, confidential, and professional support over video or telephone. The service is available for people over the age of 18 years.


At Saint Francis Hospice we know too well of the physical and emotional impact death of a loved one has on us. Our bereavement counselling service has supported many people to find a healthy way of living by working through their grief.


We are also aware how as a nation, as human beings we are in a state of loss and grief and that the deaths due to COVID-19 is not stopping.


Please call 01708 753319 or email bereavementcounselling@sfh.org.uk and ask for a member of the family support team who will take your details in order for the bereavement team to contact you.


How you may be feeling


If someone dies of coronavirus or complications resulting from the virus, a number of things may be particularly hard for family and friends to deal with.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a traumatic time for many people but especially for families who have lost loved ones due to the disease. COVID-19 deaths are often very rapid and due to the nature of the disease, and infection controls may mean that often families have been restricted in their access to say farewell both at the time of death and during the post death period including funerals.


Depending on the person, the illness may have progressed and become serious very quickly, which can lead to feelings of shock. If they were not able to be present for the death and cannot view the body, it may be difficult to accept the reality of a bereavement.


At times of considerable trauma, people tend to look for certainty. However at the moment, that certainty is not there. This can amplify any feelings of angst and distress.


It is likely then that many people suffering bereavement will have not been able to draw on the types of support which often accompanies death. This can create grief to be complicated.


Bereaved people may be exposed to stories in the media which highlight the traumatic nature of death in these circumstances. Or they may have witnessed distressing scenes directly. People may become disturbed by mental images, which in a severe form can become Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD).


If you are reading this and have recently experienced a death of a loved one
From COVID-19, We offer our heartfelt condolences. Our condolences to anyone who has suffered a bereavement through the Coronavirus, or under any circumstance during these uncertain and disturbing times.


If you feel that our service may help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please call 01708 753319 and ask for a member of the family support team or email bereavementcounselling@sfh.org.uk and leave your details for a member of the team to contact you.