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Hospice make wedding wish come true for grandmother

When hospice staff discovered a patient wished to attend her grand-daughter's wedding, they pulled out all the stops to make it happen.  
Joyce all dressed and ready to go! (cropped)

Joyce Turner, 89, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD ), was admitted to the Inpatient Unit at Saint Francis Hospice on September 12th for symptom control and she was so unwell her family didn't think she would be able to make her grand-daughter Alex's special day on Friday, 29th September.     

Fortunately Joyce's health began to improve thanks to the specialist care she received from the doctors and nurses and she was determined to go to the wedding!    

So the day before staff arranged for her to have a Jacuzzi bath and one of the nurses did her hair.      Joyce with Margaret Power

And on the morning of the wedding, staff did her make-up and helped her dress in a beautiful outfit which her family had brought in for her before she left in a taxi, waving to the delighted staff and volunteers.      

"Everyone knew how much it meant to her and the doctors and staff were involved in making it the best it could be for her," said Ward Sister Margaret Power.     

"On the day we all made a big fuss of her and by the time she left, she looked absolutely amazing.    

"She was so happy as she went off in the cab she looked like royalty as she waved to everyone."    

Joyce at the hospice, ready  to head off to her grand daughter's wedding

Joyce's daughter Sue Learmouth said Alex originally planned to tie the knot in Majorca but decided to get married in The Lion Inn in Chelmsford because she wanted her nan to be there.      Joyce with Margaret Power

"When mum arrived at the hospice she was so poorly we did not think she would make the wedding," said Sue.     

"We are overwhelmed by what all the staff have done for her.     

"We cannot believe they found the time to do what they did  -  they put themselves out no end.    

"Alex was over the moon when her nan turned up and it really made her day."    

Joyce with Alex, her husband Andy and their two sons

Her family were also delighted that Joyce was well enough to return home on Thursday, October, 12th. 

Joyce with Margaret Power

Joyce cuts the cake!

Joyce with Margaret Power

Joyce with her daughter Sue and her son John

Joyce with Margaret Power

Joyce with IPU Ward Sister Margaret Power