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Have faith in our care - Inter Faith week

"We are here for people of all faiths and no faith"
Carers Miriam Howard and Winnie Baguma at the tea party

For the National Inter Faith awareness week 13th to 20th November, we have worked closely with our Pastoral Care Team to create a video which explains the Saint Francis Hospice inter faith ethos.       

When the hospice originally opened in 1984 it was very much with a Christian philosophy and over time as the communities we care for have become more multi-cultural and multi-faith we have endeavoured to keep up with this social change.     

A significant aspect of this change has been to promote openness to "all faiths and no faith"  This has not been an easy journey for some of our long standing supporters who value their faith as part of the history of the hospice however, with respect and understanding, religious tolerance has been promoted.    

In our Chapel - Quiet Space all traditions are invited to come, sit and reflect as the need or desire arises; there are Muslim prayer rugs for people wishing to observe their religious obligations.      

Our kitchens prepare halal and kosher food for patients and their families and our Hospice at Home and Community Nurse Specialists respect cultures and faiths when looking after a patient who has religious preferences.    

Saint Francis Hospice cares for the whole person and that includes providing the best medical care we can give whilst offering emotional, spiritual and religious support as requested.    

Please watch our video as Jason Demant, Pastoral Care Team Leader, Amie Blumson, Hospice at Home team leader and one of our patients Geoffrey describe the value of our inclusive approach to faith, religion and culture.    

For more information visit the Inter Faith website