Pam's Story

Saint Francis Hospice has cared for Pam Vickers for 11 years and she is proud to be the ambassador for our
1 in 5 legacy campaign
Pam and Pamela Vickers 2
Pamela Vickers is the type of lady you instantly take a liking to. She has a warm, down to earth and welcoming approach to everyone she meets.

Pam first came to Saint Francis Hospice in 2006 when she received inpatient care for the pain she was experiencing as result of her Multiple Myeloma - a type of bone marrow cancer. 

Pam is honest in saying she didn't want to come to the hospice originally. "It wasn't what I thought it would be and now I look forward to going there, each visit is different, " she reflects.       

Pam and her husband Don are married 51 years and since she has become ill he is now her carer.  Don says that before Pam started visiting the hospice she was becoming withdrawn which is not her personality. "Coming up here gives her a purpose to do something," he told us.  

We care for Don too, he has received care from our Family Support Services team when he has needed someone to talk to outside of his family and friends.  When he brings Pam into Pemberton Place for outpatient services, he has a bite to eat in the canteen and has a chat with staff and volunteers who all know him now.

Pam has received multiple services from us over the years from her initial stay on the Inpatient Unit to Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy. Pastoral Care and Community Nursing she says: "the staff, nurses and everybody are so kind, I can't quite put it into words, it's all so helpful to me personally and to my husband".

Pam and Pamela Vickers 2

Pam has made so many friends at Saint Francis Hospice, many of these relationships have been built around the creative therapy table, which is a passion of Pam's, she says: "We don't talk about illness, we talk about general life and the things we enjoy, we don't dwell on the sad side of things".

When we asked Pam to tell her story for the 1 in 5 Legacy campaign she was more than happy to do so, she said if the funding for Saint Francis Hospice disappeared, "it would take the joy out of not only my life but the hundreds of other patients that come through the hospice and benefit form all of this".

Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to help secure the future care of people like Pam. 
Pam and Pamela Vickers 2