Pastoral Care

Our team is on-hand to meet your religious and spiritual requirements as well as attend to a full complement of pastoral services.

Our team are committed to a patient-led approach, listening to your needs and doing our best to guide you towards finding your own answers and meaning.   
Our Chapel-Quiet Space is open daily for patients or guests to pray and reflect on their situation in a tranquil and serene setting. People of any faith or no faith are welcome to use the space and we offer a range of items to suit your needs, for example, prayer mats. 
We hold regular weekly services as well as remembrance services four times a year.   
Your own ministers or spiritual leaders are more than welcome to visit you at any time. Our team are used to working with leaders of all faiths to ensure you're cared for in mind, body and spirit while under the care of Saint Francis Hospice. 

How to be referred:

All referrals to the Pastoral Care Services must come from a health care professional involved in your care, for example a GP, District Nurse, or hospital consultant. You may also be referred internally if you are already under the care of another of our teams. 
Please visit our referrals page where you will find more information and the relevant forms.