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Summer Raffle

The winning tickets for our Summer Raffle were drawn on Friday 10th August and six people who supported the raffle have now been told that they have won fantastic prizes.


1st prize

£6,000 - ticket number 244453


2nd prize

£1,000 - ticket number 212920


3rd prize

£500 - ticket number 220820


Fast response draw

One of three Apple iPads

Ticket numbers: 004681, 041065, 247561


We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports our raffle. Our raffles are one of our major fundraising initiatives which help us raise vital funds so we can provide the highest standard of specialist end of life care to the community when they need it the most. Without your support we would not be able to do so.


Our next raffle will kick off in October so keep your eyes peeled for the launch!      

Andy and Jennifer Fawcett 2 (cropped)    
Why play?
Every £1 ticket you buy or sell helps to fund the care we give people in your community. People like Andy…

Andy and Jennifer Fawcett 2 (cropped)

(Andy and his wife, Jennifer)

"The Summer Raffle means the world to me - and it could mean £6,000 to you!

Five years ago I was told I had six months to live. I also had my first visit to Saint Francis Hospice. This year I will be celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary, pain free.

I am convinced the hospice staff are to thank for that. Two books of raffle tickets could cover the cost of an hour’s stay on the inpatient unit.

I was on the ward for two weeks, and in that time they completely stopped the pain I was experiencing as a result of Hodkinson’s Disease. I cannot fault the level of care, compassion and medical expertise I was given. They were so kind to my wife, Jennifer too. The hospice still plays a supportive role in both our lives now.

I can promise you the money raised from your raffle tickets will make a big difference to someone’s life. I am living proof.

Please play the Summer Raffle today."     

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