Our heroes: Yazz Stevens.

Flaming Floozies 500 x 279Yazz has been raising money for Saint Francis Hospice since her husband, Darren, died from cancer in 2012. The combined efforts of Yazz and her friends has seem them raise a brilliant £6,000.

"Darren was the most thoughtful, caring and positive person I have even known. He appreciated everything that Saint Francis Hospice did for him and me, as do I.   

"We were supported and shown unconditional care in a time when we didn't know where to turn, both at home - leading up to Darren being admitted - and in his short time at the hospice, sadly only one night. Help then continued for me, with counselling and the friendship of the staff that I still have contact with and that's why I know he would approve of any fundraising to help others continue getting the help that we did."  

Yazz, her friends and family have raised their total in a number of ways. They've ran marathons and organised events, and Yazz took part in her first Star Walk in 2013, as part of the 'Flamin Floozies' team. "What a great time we had, - Daz would have loved it. Our JustGiving page raised just over £850 and we also had about £900 on our paper sponsorship forms."  

Flaming Floozies 500 x 279Yazz set up the Darren Stevens Tribute Fund, which means that when she or someone else fundraises in Darren's name, it is added to his fund. That way, Yazz always knows the total money that's been raised in her husband's memory.  

"I've been lucky as all my friends have also wanted to get involved with raising money for the hospice. I find it helps to say to people that while all the funds go directly to helping Saint Francis Hospice, it's all in Darren's name. 

"It makes me feel happy and positive that I'm helping others. It makes me feel that something worthwhile has come out of such a sad time in my life."  

Yazz is keen to encourage everybody to give fundraising a go: "If someone wasn't sure they could raise money, I would say one thing: 'You will never let anyone down by only raising a few pounds, every penny counts.' It doesn't have to be a big event - even the odd boot sale stall could create some money that could be donated, just from your clutter at home! I will be doing this myself come summer!" 

Flaming Floozies 500 x 279

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