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Charity criticism: The myths about fundraising techniques, busted.

There are lots of assumptions being made thanks to regular stories in the media about some fundraising tactics a minority of charities are using.
Charity criticism
We are keen to address any concerns you may have about what do here at Saint Francis Hospice.  

We've identified a number of the key criticisms that have been highlighted, so that we can set the record straight about the reality of what we do at Saint Francis Hospice.    

1. Charities sell, swap and share data.  
We do not, have not, and will never sell, swap or share your data.       

2. Charities use aggressive, cold calling techniques to raise money.  
We do not undertake any cold telephone calls as part of our fundraising activity. We will only call you to check your details are up to date and to thank you for your support.    

3. Once a charity has my personal details they will over communicate and overwhelm me with letters and phone calls.    
As supporters of ours, you will know that this year we need to raise £7.3 million to keep our services going. It goes without saying that without you, we wouldn't be here. As a result, it is of fundamental importance to us that we get our communications right and protect the relationship we have with you. 

When we take your personal details we keep them safely and do not sell them to anyone

By taking your personal details, we are able to thank you properly for what you have done, keep our records updated correctly and send you relevant information about the difference your support makes to the running of the hospice. Also, if you ever pick up the phone and call us, we know who you are!  

If you have any questions or you feel unhappy about something we've done, please let us know so we can put it right. You can either call 01708 723593 during working hours or send us an email and tell us how you would like us to stay in touch