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Children In Need: How counselling has helped me.

10-year-old Hayden Punt, who has been receiving support from our Child and Family Therapist Stella Christou for almost three years.
Stella working with a young child (cropped)

He started receiving support from Stella while his mum Louise Boreham was at the hospice and continued after she died of cancer in July 2015.   

I'm Hayden. I like football and i'm 10 years old.    Stella working with a young child

I have support from Saint Francis Hospice because my mum passed away.

It helps me because I get to share my feelings without anyone crying and l  don't talk to anyone in the family about my mum that way.    

The hardest part with Stella is when I talk about how I feel about my mum not telling me she had cancer.    

I think Stella is a lovely person and i'm so glad Stella helps me and she is really nice.    

At first I was scared to meet Stella but once you get to know her she is really nice.    

                                                                                         Hayden with his mum Louise

Now when I go to Stella's I am always looking forward to it. I would recommend going to Stella cause it has really helped me. Stella is really active and funny.    

I just tell my friends that I go to see Stella because of my mum dying and she helps me and they understand.


Stella working with a young child

Hayden with Stella

Hayden also featured in an animation as part of the London Cancer Children's Project which is aimed at helping families to talk more openly and to be more honest with their children when a serious illness starts to occur.