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CQC Inspection: I'm proud of my Hospice.

CEO, Pam Court, sings praises of her work force following highest rating from CQC.
Let's face it, nothing beats achieving Outstanding in a CQC report. Scoring so highly in the CQC's five lines of enquiry was an astonishing achievement, set aside from this the pride and joy I feel towards my staff, our volunteers and community is something I can simply not express in a few paragraphs but an endless string of overwhelming emotion and continuous praise towards everyone for their hard work. 

Staff enjoying a celebratory drink (cropped) Staff enjoying a celebratory drink (cropped) 
Thanking my staff and volunteers for all their hard work and efforts. On the right our receptionists are enjoying their new banner! 

I must admit reading the report made me very emotional. I have always valued the hard work of my staff and volunteers but for their efforts to be spoken so highly about, is truly admirable and left me full of pride. I have chosen my fifteen favourite parts of the CQC report which highlights the strengths of the multi-disciplined work force that we have across the board and the sheer admiration from patients and relatives. 

1. "Whenever I rang up they seemed to have all the answers"

2. "Indispensable, we could not believe how good and knowledgeable they were"

3.The Pepperell Education Centre - Leading the way forward in the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) programme

4. Staff were very well trained and highly competent to carry out the duties required to safely and effectively support people and their complex needs

5. People confirmed that there was a menu but if a person wanted something else it was prepared for them; this included staff going to the shop to buy something if it was not available

6. Peoples rights to make their own decisions were respected and promoted

7. People told us that clinical and non-clinical staff and volunteers made them feel they mattered and took time to understand things from their point of view

8. Ongoing support and counselling that was of enormous benefit

9. Staff were aware and respectful of people's cultural and spiritual needs including before, during and after death

10. People's individual preferences and differences were respected. Care plans had individual preferences recorded

11. "Your care not only embraces the patient but the whole family aswell"

12. "They are not in a hurry and take time to explain things"

13. "You are all wonderful. You didn't look after [our relative] you looked after us as well which you did in your own special way"

14. "Please continue what you do so well. The difference it makes to the experience of the patients and their families cannot be overstated"

15. Outstanding!

Yesterday we kicked off the start of our CQC celebrations with Cakes and Prosecco for all staff members and patients. The board have expressed they would like to extend their sincere thanks to everyone, there will be numerous celebrations to follow, and rightly so!

Staff enjoying a celebratory drink (cropped) Staff enjoying a celebratory drink (cropped) 
Corrinna and Tes from the director team cutting the cake and members of the fundraising team raising a glass.