Spencer's Marathon Day - Part 1

I woke up before my 12 alarms actually went off!!!
Spencer at the start (cropped)

Breakfast consisted of porridge and a cup of tea followed by strapping my whole body in rocktape!! Then a nice little stroll to Upminster station where I met Marton and Jon from Havering Tri and Jac from the mighty Hornchurch cycle club.

Both Marton and Jon were going for sub 3 hours!! 

The train was pack full of runners and supporters which was great as I'm sure each one of them had there own story to tell and why they were running. We arrived at the venue around 8:30 which gave me plenty of time to relax and get ready and drop our bags onto the truck.The whole event is set up so well and they are experts at this. from the run

So it was finally time to get down to the pen which was at 9 (the last pen) I think when I first applied I put down on my application I would finish in 6 hours hence I was at back of the pen. Lucky enough I saw Jamie who was also running  for Saint Francis Hospice. Then it finally arrived (10:00am) by the time we got to the start it was gone (10:15am) the biggest tip that I have been giving throughout my training was go off at a nice slow pace at the start and with help of the massive of runners in front and me and Jamie pacing each other for the first 7-8 miles it worked out pretty well.

The crowd was amazing and it was great having my nickname on the front so I made sure I said thank you for the encouragement. When I reached Tower Hill (13 miles)  the crowds were amazing and the noise was awesome. At this stage I was running just over 10 min miles which is what I wanted at the half stage mark I also felt good but it was warming up and I was hot.

It was also time to pop some pills, Achilles was aching but the crowds were amazing and plenty of sights and sounds to look at. I had already seen a chap carrying a tumble dryer! I knew I was coming up to 17 miles which meant I would be able to see my family which would give be another boost. I already saw 2 of my mates Dave and Chris around 9 miles which was good so it was great to see my family near mile 17 and I had a few tears in my eyes as it's all pretty  emotional stuff. 

from the run

Next up was Canary Wharf again the crowd was great and plenty were handing out sweets. I already saw a elderly lady giving out cheese/ham sandwiches before that and the community spirit was amazing. As we reached the Cabot square ramp I was feeling it in the legs so I decided to walk to the top which was a good idea for sure. 

You certainly don't need to worry about carrying any water they have plenty of water stations all over and showers which really helped me.  Next up was further support from the Havering Tri club and H90 run club so I knew plenty to give me all the boost I needed so thanks everyone really helped me. Then as I turned back towards Limehouse I saw the mighty cyclist from Hornchurch cycle club and again that was a massive lift for me so thanks everyone.