Leaving a gift in your Will 

to Saint Francis Hospice 

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will help us to care and support people and their families when they need our specialist services now and in the future. 

Richard Madeley interviews Mr & Mrs Morley who honoured their brother's wishes to leave a donation to the Hospice after his death, despite not including this gift in a Will


Christopher Morley really came out of himself when he spent time at our Hospice. For most of his life, he didn't really trust anyone but after spending time in our day therapy unit, he commented to his sister in law 'aren't people nice'.


Christopher was a weekly visitor to our Hospice, receiving advice, support and clinical care for his lung disease. Whilst receiving care, Christopher spoke about getting his affairs in order and mentioned to his family that he wished to support the Hospice through leaving a gift in his Will but unfortunately didn't get round to doing this before he died in November 2016. 


However, his family were proudly able to honour his wishes by making a £20,000 legacy gift from his estate. Our Patron, Richard Madeley interviewed his brother and sister-in-law about the process and Christopher's experience of using our day unit services.




You can make a real difference to local people and their families needing hospice care

Of course, first and foremost, you will want to look after your family - we completely understand that. However once you've made a provision for them, you may wish to consider supporting Saint Francis Hospice with a gift in your Will to ensure we are able to continue to provide the care support that may be needed by your friends and family in the years to come.


Leaving a gift in your Will to Saint Francis Hospice is easier than you think.

If you haven't yet made a Will, it can be done when you see a solicitor or other legal professional, such as a Will writer. If you already have a Will, your legacy to the Hospice can simply be added to your existing Will using a Codicil, which can be arranged by your solicitor.

Or, we offer a free Will writing service with our partners Bequeathed. To take advantage of this offer, use the link below.


If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy gift in your Will, or if you have already done so and would like to tell the Hospice, please call Susan Spencer, Legacy Manager on 01708 771403 or email susanspencer@sfh.org.uk.


A gift that costs nothing now but will help to provide amazing care in the future for people and their families when they need it most. Legacy gifts are a tax-efficient way of supporting us

Supporting the Hospice with a gift in your Will won't cost you a penny now, and as we are a registered charity, every legacy left is exempt from Inheritance Tax, which can help to reduce the tax payable on your estate, as your gift is removed before the value of your estate is calculated for tax. You could even avoid Inheritance Tax completely by pledging to give everything over and above the IHT threshold to charity. When you write your Will, your solicitor can advise you further on this. 


How your legacy gift can help

£1,000 - could pay for 18 hours of Hospice at Home care

£7,500 - could pay for the cost of inpatient care for one person

£21,000 - could pay to run our Hospice services for one day

£100,000 - could pay for two Clinical Nurse Specialists for one year


Be part of our tomorrow with a gift in your Will today

Did you know that one in three people will be affected by Hospice care at some point in their lives? If you remember Saint Francis Hospice in your Will, in years to come your gift could help to provide care for someone you know or love in your community.