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Welcome to your brand new Little Orange Quiz!


Here you will find everything you need to host your own quiz and raise funds for Saint Francis Hospice this spring. Everything you need is in your free downloadable quiz pack below - including 5 quiz rounds and our top tips on how to maximise your fundraising! 


So get together your friends, family, colleagues or any trivia champs you may know, and put them to the test — all to help local people.


Follow our tips below to make the most out of your event, whether your hosting in person or still going virtual.

The money you raise will go to caring for patients who need end of life care, and to support their families and loved ones.

  • £25 raised can pay for one hour of special care on our ward.
  • £54 raised could pay for a home visit from a specialist Hospice nurse.
  • £202 raised can pay for a day of care for a patient and their family.

Download your free quiz pack today - simply fill in the form below! Once complete a member of our friendly team will be in touch to find out more about your event. Please email us if you have any questions community@sfh.org.uk


*Please include the following information in the comments box: the date of your quiz (if known), where you heard about the Little Orange Quiz and why you chose to fundraise for the hospice.


Thank you so much for your support! 

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