Drawn to support local charity

A budding young artist from Shenfield is helping his local hospice by selling his drawings online.
 Michelle and Max (2)
10-year-old Max Kensit initially sold some of his drawings at Saint Edward's Primary School in Romford where he was a pupil last year.

Now a pupil at St Mary's School after his family moved from Romford to Shenfield his mother Michelle explained why he wanted to raise money for Saint Francis Hospice: "My mum Joan Sharrock was so relieved to be at the hospice. She had been in Queen's Hospital for the previous two weeks and then was able to spend her final week in the Inpatient Unit at the hospice. Max and our other son, 12 year-old Alex, were able to visit their nan at the hospice and saw how the hospice cared for her."

 Michelle and Max (web)
"It was better than I expected and it wasn't scary at all" said Max.

Last year Max, who loves drawing cars and buildings, raised £52 for the hospice by selling prints of a drawing he did of a Jaguar E Type car to friends and neighbours. 

"My favourite car is the Jaguar E Type. I've only got a model version but one day I'd love a real one!" said Max. 

In total Max had now raised £93 for the hospice after put some of his pictures for sale online via a website put together with the help of his brother Alex. 

Karen Freeman from the hospice's fundraising team said: "It's so lovely that Max has decided to fundraise for us after we cared for his nan. His mum says that he'd like to be an architect when he grows up and judging by the quality of his work at just 10 years old he's well on track to achieve that!"

Max and his family visited the hospice recently to pass on more of the money Max has raised and was fortunate to meet up with another hospice supporter, Brian Bracken from Brentwood. Brian has a stunning red Jaguar F Type convertible that he will be exhibiting later this month at the hospice's Classic Car and Bike Festival and he generously decided to give Max a spin in his car. 

 Michelle and Max (web)
Max enjoying a spin in Brian Bracken's Jaguar F Type

 Michelle and Max (web)

From L to R: Alex, Michelle and Max Kensit with some of Max's drawings