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Star Walk tribute to loving husband

Teresa Mottram, 30, may be part of our fundraising team but when she leads our annual 10k Star Walk on Saturday, July 8th, she will be paying a very personal tribute to her loving husband and mother.  
Teresa with her husband Rob and their daughter Lily-May (2) (cropped)

In July last year Teresa's husband and childhood sweetheart Rob spent three weeks on the Inpatient Ward before he died and Teresa and their young daughter Lily-May were able to remain by his side.  

"Saint Francis Hospice gave Rob back the dignity he deserved and the most peaceful and pain-free death possible," said Teresa, from Romford.  

"Rob wanted to come here so I could be his wife again and not t

"The hospice became a home from home for us.  Star Walk photoshoot with Teresa Mottram (far right) with hospice team

"We got to know all the staff and I felt like we were under this big orange umbrella and everyone was so kind and considerate to us all." 

Teresa and Lily-May, now 4, also received counselling to help them to come to terms with their grief. 

"I do not know how to ever thank the children's bereavement counsellor Stella Christou," said Teresa.   o have to worry about his medication and being his carer. 

"Without her and the coping mechanisms she taught me, I would not have the happy little girl I have." 

                                                                                                      Rob, Teresa and Lily-May

Rob was dubbed the "miracle man" by the oncology team at Queen's Hospital as he battled brain cancer for eight years, despite being given just 18-months to live when he was diagnosed. 

The plumber had also been admitted to the Inpatient Unit two times before to get his symptoms and pain under control and benefited from complementary therapies such as reflexology.  

Teresa's mum Ellen Myers was also cared for at the hospice before she lost her 25 year battle with cancer in 2012 and Teresa remembers pushing her in a wheelchair when she took part in the Star Walk with fellow patients from the Day Therapy Unit who called themselves The Day Care Dollies! 

"This year's Star Walk will be very sentimental and emotional and a privilege to be walking in mStar Walk photoshoot with Teresa Mottram (far right) with hospice teamemory of Rob and my mum," said Teresa, whose father Willie is a volunteer at the hospice. 

"It is important for me to do events like this because it keeps their memories alive." 

People may be surprised that Teresa is able to work in a place where she went through the most difficult time in her life, but for Teresa, it is the best place she could be.                                                              Teresa promoting Star Walk with the hospice team

"Coming to work here shows me that there is life left for me and I am giving something back," said Teresa. 

"Being in the environment where he died makes me feel especially close to him.  

"I was 17 when I met him and he still is my best friend and the love of my life and he always will be.  

"In Lily-May I have my mini Rob." 

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