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Our ambassadors

We have our fundraising ambassadors to thank for spreading the word about the work we do in the community. 


Going door to door, our ambassadors help raise awareness of the hospice within our catchment area. You will also see them at community events, in venues such as shopping centres and at our own events. 

We rely on our local community for more than two thirds of our funding, so our ambassadors also help boost our regular income by asking people to Sponsor a Nurse or sign up to our lottery.

Our ambassadors are always easy to spot, as they'll be dressed in our bright orange clothing. They all carry identification, but if you're not sure you are welcome to call us at the hospice to verify their identity. Below are images of all our team for your reference. 

Michelle-2      Michelle-2
Andy Furneaux                           Linda Frost

Michelle-2      Michelle-2
        Michelle Gower                  Michelle Hughes-Gage