Our Hospice Choir

We are very proud to have our very own choir and it's certainly music to the ears of all those who have had the pleasure of listening to it perform its eclectic mix of classic and modern songs
Six years ago volunteer Rita Gersh came up with the idea of setting up a choir and since then it has continued to grow and it now averages around 35 members, which includes Pam Court, the Hospice's Chief Executive Officer, nurses, counsellors, retail staff, volunteers and their friends.   
Since its' inception in 2012 the choir has raised more than £8,000 by performing at a variety of fundraising concerts as well as over £10,000 from the termly fees from which they have funded the cost of a new bed for the inpatient unit.    
It also performs at the Hospice's annual birthday anniversary service and its Light up a Life services in December.     
"The choir brings people together and makes them aware of the Hospice and all that goes with it," said John Morris, who is the choir's conductor.   
"There are so many benefits to singing but most importantly of all we have a lot of fun."   
In February the choir entertained the 'Friendly Faces' group in Pemberton Place to celebrate the first anniversary since it began and John is hoping that the choir will have the opportunity to sing to more patients, staff and volunteers in the future.    
And while some people may believe their vocal chords are just not up to it or being in a choir is a serious business, John insists that it is not the case.    
"Everyone can sing," said John.   
"Unfortunately a lot of people have been told as a child that they can't sing and that stigma has stayed with them.    
"You may not be the greatest singer but once you are singing in a group you learn from others and from listening to the music.   
"There is a famous quote by the author Michael Morpurgo, which sums it up for me.   
 "He said, "Lose yourself, in amongst the sounds of others. All ego disappears, you're simply the music and it's the most wonderful therapy."   
The choir meet during term time at the Hospice for rehearsals every Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. To find out more contact Rita Gersh on 07749609148 or by email at ripa2012@hotmail.co.uk.  
The next choir concert will be on Sunday 4th November 2018 at 7.00 pm and they would love have the support of as many supporters, staff and volunteers as possible. Further details are available from Rita.